Big Shiny Brass helping young brass players in Africa

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    Young brass players in Uganda are being given a helping hand by new brass band publisher Big Shiny Brass. Each month we’ll be choosing one of our arrangements, and donating £5 from every purchase to the Mbale District Schools Band.

    The band was founded a year ago, and provides a musical education for 30 youngsters. They are currently raising funds to bring the band to the UK, to perform in the 2010 Whit Friday contests. Although they are not expecting to challenge for any prizes, just taking part will be a massive achievement.

    People in Uganda almost expect to be poor”, said Philip Monk, whose charity ugive2uganda is funding the band. “If we can show the youth of Uganda what we are achieving through hard work, commitment, discipline and enthusiasm, it will have a massive impact in terms of culture, aspirations and mindset.”

    The first piece of music for the Mbale band appeal is “Great Scott! It’s Ragtime”, a medley of favourite rags arranged by Matt Kingston. “When I saw the enthusiasm with which the band play, I knew I needed to write something upbeat and fun. The first time I played through the arrangement with a band, there was a huge cheer at the end!”, said Matt.

    Great Scott! It’s Ragtime can be purchased from the new Big Shiny Brass website -
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