'BIG BAND' feature for TIMPS & KIT

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    TIMBONE Active Member

    I am pleased to announce that it is finally here:


    made famous by ERIC DELANEY and his big band

    This is a feature for Timpani & Drum Kit

    ERIC DELANEY, a spectacular drummer and showman is still touring the UK, and is resident in a club in Benidorm!!! If you are near ST. HELENS on Thursday 28th April, go and see him (and hear MANHATTAN SPIRITUAL) with the SQUADRONAIRES big band. Eric is nearly 82, but he still runs around that stage and plays amazing drum solos!

    More details of my arrangement on www.tpmusic.co.uk
  2. Hornblower RN

    Hornblower RN Member

    South Wales
    Amazing....my partner was hit by one of his sticks bouncing off a gong when watching him perform back in the '80s in the Stoneleigh Club in Porthcawl. Fortunately she still has her eyes intact! We have a laugh about it quite often

    TIMBONE Active Member

    Did he say sorry?:biggrin:

    It's interesting how many people do remember him, although a lot of the younger element have never heard of him. He is still a great performer. He is appearing around the UK at the moment, and I think if people keep an eye out to see if he is on near them, it would be an experience not to be missed. He was certainly an inspiration to me when I was a young drummer/percussionist/timpanist. I actually saw him at the Winter Gardens in Weston-super-Mare in 1963!!! The next time I saw him was in Benidorm last year!!!!!!
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