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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by nickjones, Feb 22, 2007.

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    The Infamous Bierkeller brass took to the stage at the Celtic Royal Hotel Caernarfon earlier this week to celebrate the work of Mrs Gaynor Evans local manager of the DVLA Local office Bangor , during the evening the band were disturbed by world famous local boy Bryn Terfel begging for an audition slot , we gave Bryn the only thing available which was a bass drum and beater the following pictures show Bryn's audition to the band , a statement on whether Bryn will be inducted into the Band after an emergancy general meeting to be held this Sat night at the Belle Vue Pub Bangor. for larger versions of the pics , go to the website of the best bier band in the Greater Bangor Area...
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    It was a good night, and faior play to Bryn he was well good on the bass drum.Check out the website for the photos, i'll send mine in.
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    Ahem not only the only Bier Band in bangor but the best looking and modest too....nice one Jamie I love fishing!!!!!!!!! BIG GAV...Just make sure you got the correct uniform for Sat night...Respect from the BV10!!!!
    the website is
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    Correct uniform - Does that mean Saynor in Hot Pants!!!!!! Again!

    Nick forgot to mention that this saturday, the band will have a guest in the bass end. The internationaly famous Sousaphonist, Malcolm Von Peach, will be gracing the band with his impressions of a flatulent whale whilst playing!

    k.O. in the Belle Vue, Bangor around 10.30 (After the uni Orchestra concert!)

    Any volunteers to move the gear to the gig around lunchtime would be v. much appreciated!

    Fair play to Mr Terfyl, he was the best bass drummer we've had. Reckon he might do Whit Fridays with us or even book us for his festival - hopefully the Opera night! He's had José Carreras, Andrea Bocelli, Renee Fleming, Angela Gheorgiu so he's running out of artists!


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