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    BHK (UK) Ltd HORDEN BAND - (Champoionship Section 2004)

    National Champions of G.B (1st Section 2003)
    Mineworkers Champion Band of G.B (1st Section 2003)
    Northern Regional Champions (1st Section 2003)

    Have vacancies for the following players

    Front Row Cornet- Soprano and Percussionist (Tuned)

    Please apply in the strictest of confidence, to Ray Hutchinson - Band Manager on 0191-3882599 or mobile 07703573443 or E Mail[/b]
  2. Hi Ray,
    I think your band should only go on with 12 players to give the rest of us a chance.

    I hope you and Brenda are well and I'll see you at the League next week.
  3. bigcol

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    Cheeky Graham!!!

    We're up for giving the Horden boys a run for their money.

    Tristan is another matter!
  4. Hi Col,
    Well, we are going for a day out and trying hard for 8th place. I look forward to an epic competition between you and Horden.
    Good luck and see you there.
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    I dunno about just us two - there's some great bands in our section. In fact I'd argue that the B and A sections are about the same as far as standards of bands go.

    It's a shame the piece (Oceans) is just the wrong difficultly for the bands that are playing it. Rhapsody in Brass was on the list but wasn't picked :evil: now that would have been more meaty!
  6. I think Oceans is very deceptive and will pose a lot of problems for most of the bands in our section. It is also very musical with plenty of opportunities for interpretation. This piece was our No. 1 choice when the voting took place, so you can blame me if you like (although several others must have agreed). IMHO I don't see the point of playing the same test pieces over and over again like Rhapsody In Brass and, another that didn't get selected, Rococo Variations.
  7. bigcol

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    And Oceans isn't an re-occuring piece? lol! It's up there with Saddleworth Festival.

    Oh it's a nice piece of music and everything - just a shame there isn't anything meatier to get our teeth into. Still there's plenty of bits in Tristan (unless you play BBb bass - then it's all stupid pedal notes and no fun bits)
  8. I've never seen Oceans before till it was put forward last year. If Saddleworth Festival is a test piece, I've never heard of it. That's what happens when you take 10 years out of banding.
  9. bigcol

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    Well Graham I'll make a gross exaggeration, but it seems the Durham League recently has been permed from Pennine Moors,Malvern Suite, Saddleworth Festival, Oceans, Roccoo or Triumphant Rhapsody.

    I do remember in the AGM that there is meant to be a rule that says you can't play a piece twice in three years, but it has been sort of ignored due to the changes with the committee etc. at the DCBBA. It's down to some very hard work on their part that there is a contest at all.

    Saddleworth is a great piece of music - a teeny weeny bit cheesy, but very catchy and well worth playing. It's based on Australian songs - I'm not sure why but I bet there's a clever person on the forum who will tell you why. I'm sure PVB have it in their library - in fact I'm sure I've borrowed it from them on a previous occasion! Well worth a blow.

    I was watching the Rugby World Cup and wondering why I kept hearing bits of Saddleworth Festival Overture, till i twigged and realised it was actually the Aussie national anthem. That's banding for you!
  10. I agree with you Col, they do a great job.

    Sounds good and it's got to be better than Coventry Variations which is the only test piece I've disliked since I started banding (Yes, I know I'll get shot down in flames over this).

    Our secretary has just been on the phone asking if you could please return it.

    Australia is a brilliant place and I would move there tomorrow (Will those in the cheap seats please keep quiet!). Unfortunately they wont let me in :(
  11. bigcol

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    LOL I've just realised that we are making Ray's post look popular. Don't want that now do we? :wink:
  12. Of course we do. Don't forget that if they don't get a Bass Trom soon there will be 2 bars of silence in Oceans, as I'm sure they would never put it on a tenor trombone part.
  13. bigcol

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    Bass Trom? it's says they are looking for cornets and percussion!!

    Do you do things differently in Sunderland, Graham?

    Having said that, the mischef in me would classify Bass Trom as a percussion instrument :twisted:
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    BHK Advert

    Thanks bigcol and Graham for keeping the topic going - I found your views very interesting . I do apologise for not entering the debate sadly my computer was down for a couple of days. Thankfully I am now back on line. Best of luck to both your Bands for the 1st February

    Ray Hutchinson
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    Another title to our successess of 2003, We are now also the Durham Brass Band association Champions (1st Section) 2004.

    This has confirmed that the Band is definately on its way to major honours in the Northern Region so if there is a timp player out there wishing to join us on Triston Encounters and the Regional Championships then contact me soon. We are also anxious to secure the services of a top class front row cornet player - why wait contact me as soon as possible and find out all about our :D :D happy exciting and ambitious Band. :D :D

    Ray Hutchinson - Band Manager - BHK (UK) Ltd HORDEN BAND
  16. Hi Ray,
    Did you not win this contest last year?

  17. Resurgam

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    Hi Graham,

    You know fine well who won last year, it was Cockerton Silver with yourself wagging the stick; indeed, we were 4th out of 5 Bands.

    Nevertheless this was still a good achievement for the Band as only two months earlier when I joined the Band as Band Manager they only had 7 players. This was also our first venture into contesting following confirmation of our new sponsorship with BHK (UK) Ltd. The rest of 2003 is history and I must say a bit of a fairy tale, 5 first prizes out of seven contests including two National titles is no mean achievement .

    During the past 12 months we have been fortunate to aquire the services of some top quality players and if we can fill our two current vacancies I am sure we will do well at the Area and the Senior cup at Blackpool in May. Lets hope those ambitious players in the region who are looking for a successful Band give me a ring, sooner rather than later. :D :D

    Ray Hutchinson (Resurgam)
  18. I must apologise, Ray - I honestly thought you came 5th.

    Anyway, why can't we have the Durham League contest on the same date next year, even though Butlins is the week before? The Butlins contest will not attract a lot of North East bands, although I imagine your band will be going.
    I wouln't like my band to lash out all that cash and find we couldn't get down to Skeggy because of the weather.

  19. bigcol

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    GC - initial plans are to make the Butlins competition open entry next year - so it will not just be colliery bands. That's why.

    I agree that January is a lousy time for the contest - but GB want to go.
  20. Resurgam

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    Hi Graham,

    I think you are under estimating the level of support for the 2005 Butlins contest from the North East - there were 10 Bands entered for last years contest and this was only open to former Colliery Bands. I agree with Big Col in the interests of the Contest I feel the League should seek an alternative date, possibly early December or late November.

    When it comes to the time when decisions are to be made then you want to make sure your Band is represented at the meeting. particularly if you have strong views against this possible change. - resurgam :idea: :idea: