BFBB renews ACE funding

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    The British Federation of Brass Bands (BFBB) has announced it has secured renewed funding from the Arts Council England (ACE) despite several arts organisations around the country losing out on funding and consequently launching hefty appeals to try and win back thousands of pounds.
    ACE has an ambitious vision for arts in England and has pledged a £1.3billion investment in arts between 2008 and 2011, shared between nearly 900 regularly funded organisations (RFO’s) of which the BFBB is one.
    The BFBB’s Development Officer Philip Watson commented: “ACE will continue funding the BFBB as a RFO for the next three years with an increase of 2.7 per cent on the 2007/2008 funding level and similar increases for 2009/2010 and 2010/2011.”
    “ACE has said it will continue to fund strong, effective organisations that help to deliver increased attendance and participation in high quality arts, appropriate provision in emerging priority places, and a strengthened arts infrastructure. The BFBB has worked hard to retain and improve its current funding status from ACE which it has achieved.”
    The BFBB is now addressing other avenues of funding which it is sourcing to help distribute amongst bands whilst information on further development work which the BFBB has been undertaking for the benefit of bands will be released shortly.
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    Don’t get to excited it’s a three year review of funding from the Arts Council and the increase is inflationary I would suspect.

    Why doesn’t the Federation increase its profile like our Scottish brothers have, why are they not taking a lead in brass band funding generally, they decry the lack of support bands give them why don’t they do something we can all support and get behind.

    Concentrate on the issues they can gain consensus in and develop understanding of contentious issues.

    Its not rocket science guy’s

    Jon Evison
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