BFBB push Cultural Olympiad bid

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    BFBB push Cultural Olympiad bid

    The British Federation of Brass Band’s (BFBB’s) Development Officer, Philip Watson, has been pushing the creative developers of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad for the maximum involvement of brass bands in all cultural events.

    In a recent meeting with Tessa Gordziejko, the Creative Programmer for London 2012 (Yorkshire region), Philip discussed several issues concerning bands.

    He commented: “We discussed many avenues that could involve brass bands, including National Signature Projects involving the central aims of youth, innovation and diversity, themes for Yorkshire and other regions which are the moving body and public space animation, the launch of the Cultural Olympiad on 24 August 2008 where it is hoped we can get many bands performing and collaboration events with the possibility of funding for commissioning a new work for brass bands.”

    Brass bands are being invited to apply to have their own projects recognised as part of the Cultural Olympiad, though in many cases there is no funding available for these, but successful applications will be rewarded with the honour of using an official non-commercial mark for the 2012 Olympics. The agreement to endorse this mark and create a four year cultural festival is a first in Olympic history and the newly developed ‘Inspire Mark’ will only be available to projects without any commercial sponsorship.

    Commenting on the lack of funding for cultural projects Philip Watson said: “The BFBB believes there is a clear need for a small grants fund to inspire local community groups and bands across the UK to dream up projects that fit the criteria for the 2012 Cultural Olympiad and we will be looking into ways to develop this.”

    The application process for Cultural Olympiad projects will have a seven week turnaround time and details of how to apply can be found at
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    Just a few questions that I don't expect an answer to but are worth thinking about all the same.

    I wonder:

    How much money is taken from regional lottery funds and regionally earned tax to support this work and how much is being spent in the London area?

    How much money is there in the Cultural Olympiad (CO) pot?

    How much % of this cultural money is getting out of the South East?

    How much will be spent on supporting cultural activity that will develop and last beyond 2012?

    Brass bands, choirs, bell ringing are activities at the heart of many communities and if given support and recognition they could be fully used to celibrate the 2012 London Bonanza across the whole of the UK.

    Why not have bands (paid as those employed by the Cultural Olympiad are) to play at olympic events, Mass choirs to sing at key times, or bells rung across the county at the start of the olympics but none of this should be free. It should be funded as a way of giving back the money the Olympics has taken away from local communities and community activity!

    I hope we can draw some funding into supporting bands commissioning new works after all brass playing is as competative and entertaining as a sport!

    Maybe we could link with Choirs and bell ringers (the music makers in our communities and have a big push to get the CO to take us seriously)

    Rather than say you play for nothing, you can promote our work with our badge but only if we agree?

    Where is the value for us, will it promote our aims? will it help brass playing? will it support brass bands?

    Sorry gripe over.

    Maybe we should have a brass band 100m sprint or a 400m relay we could try it out at whit weekend, what do you say? Full uniform of course it could even become an olympic sport.