BFBB: Press Release - Major survey to establish the number of bands in UK

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  1. TheMusicMan

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    Received from BFBB

    Press Release from the British Federation of Brass Bands

    The British Federation of Brass Bands is about to embark on a major survey to establish and celebrate the number of brass bands in England, Northern Ireland and Wales. The Federation would like all brass bands to be counted; there is no requirement for a band to be a member of an association or the Federation to be included in the count. Initially, association secretaries will be approached for their help to collect the data. The survey will categorise bands into contesting bands, non-contesting bands and youth or training bands.

    The results of the survey should be of benefit to the whole brass band movement, as a survey of this nature has not been undertaken for many years, if ever. Discovering how many brass bands are making music and performing in the country will assist the BFBB, as the national organisation representing brass bands, when applying for grants or lobbying government on behalf of bands and their members.

    Gathering information and facts about all our bands in this way will enable the easy determination of priorities for assisting bands and ensure musicians and their communities really benefit from brass band music. Visit the BFBB website at for more information and to discover the results of the British Brass Bands National Championships Survey that was published earlier this year.
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    An exercise in counting the number of bands in the country is not a new one. Indeed, the last organisation to announce they were going to attempt it was .... the BFBB! It was part of their strategic and business plan, published in 2003. They set themselves a target date of December 2004 to complete the exercise. They obviously failed.

    I see that the strategic and business plan has now disappeared from the BFBB website. I wonder if this means that they failed on the other aims as well?
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    It would be nice to think theat they would want to at least acknowledge the number of Salvation Army bands that are active in the UK as well, particularly if they intend using the figures to show how widespread bands are, and how involved in community life.