BFBB bids for band's Olympic success

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    The British Federation of Brass Band (BFBB) has been working hard in conjunction with the Voluntary Arts Network (VAN) and London’s Olympic Games Organising Committee, LOCOG in order to make sure brass bands play a pivotal role in the cultural celebrations for the 2012 Olympic Games in London.
    Commenting Development Officer Philip Watson of the BFBB said: “The BFBB has been working through the Voluntary Arts Network to establish an ongoing and positive relationship with LOCOG. We continue to establish other links and partnerships to enhance the representation of brass bands within the Cultural Olympiad.”
    He continued: “It is hoped that the Cultural Olympiad will inspire a new awareness of cultural activity around the whole of the UK and people will find new ways to get involved in cultural activity within their local community together with some other anticipated benefits such as new partnerships in the cultural sector and around the world and a lasting record of everything so we can relive the Games again and again.”
    In order to make sure brass bands play a pivotal role in all cultural celebrations which will commence at the handover of the Olympic Flame from Beijing after this summer’s games, the BFBB has put together a 2012 Cultural Olympiad Information Pack.
    The detailed pack contains information for brass bands on how they can get involved including contacts and organisers, anticipated benefits of the cultural Olympiad, how the Olympiad will be delivered and details of special projects and key dates.
    It is hoped that bands across the country will be involved in the cultural Olympiad over the four year period and bands are encouraged to obtain an information pack from the BFBB by ‘phoning the National office on 01226 771015 or e-mail:
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    Just got the info about this, not wanting to be a damp squib but only work and good will available, no money.

    someone is giving somone a wedgie
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