Best/worst Band trip?

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  1. youngblood

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    On the theme of bests:

    What was your best band trip (weekend or longer)

    What makes a good band trip/tour? What spoils it!

    Are they worth doing?

    Whats your best story from a trip, we all have them!
  2. groovy

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    Best trip (and it will take some beating) has to be the the NYBBS Japan tour which we returned home from a week ago. It was incredible!

    I think that an important factor in whether or not the tour is sucessful is the morale in the band. In the NYBBS we all get on with each other well and its a great atmosphere, so even when luggage was lost and other things went wrong we just got on with it, and didn't dampen our spirits! But if theres any tensions in the band I think they are likely to come to the surface on
  3. Liamhorn

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    I think my best band trip has to be going on a tour around Texas in 06 with TTB. We were stationed in Marshall and traveled around and done many concerts for 10days never had so much fun. It was planned well to have time to do concerts and time to enjoy the holiday side. Something i would do again!
  4. halsasaurus

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    A 4 day trip to the World Musik Festival in Holland (Kerkrade) with Stalybridge and Derek Broadbent in the early 1980's (1983/84?). It was a booze up from start to finish. Someone realised that they had forgoten their passport when we were half way down to Dover so we had to turn back to sort it out. Thats all I can remember. It must have been good
  5. Thirteen Ball

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    Best trip? No question:

    4 days in Singapore, then two weeks in New Zealand with Co-op. Just the most awesome experience ever.

    We made friends with the British High Comissioner in singapore - as well as a very friendly bartender in Raffles, The Titan Hutt City band, Dalewool band and Waitakere band, a tour guide called Brent (pronounced 'Brint' due to the kiwi accent) and from him, learned the phrase 'Poo-nanny-shnanny-pie-gungha-din-rant-nurow' - which still has the odd reocurrence at band practice even today.

    We had noodles and fish for breakfast, washed down with breakfast beer - went to bed before lunch and woke up at 1am thinking it was about tea-time. We rehearsed by the pool in the sixth floor of a hotel, went two days at a time without sleep and took power-naps in the odd 10 bars rest rehearsing St Magnus. We deafened immensely polite schoolchildren at Paya Lebar in Singapore with Carmina Burana, and then were alternately astonished by their choir, wind band and particularly they're truly amazing handbell choir. We persuaded a pub to stay open because us and waitakere were going to invade as soon as our joint concert ended - a concert where I bizarrely met someone who was born within a mile of me selling tickets at auckland town hall.

    We discovered Jim beam and coke ready-mixed in pint cans, fished for creatures we couldn't pronounce in the bay of islands, died for the cause on stage at the Michael Folwer Centre, got ten points out of 100 in the entertainments because the honarary judge got mixed up and thought she had 100 to split between the bands, not 100 to give to each, fell out, made up, laughed cried, played poker and I'm sure none of us will ever forget it.

    Simply the most amazing experience I have ever had. The friendships I made will stay with me forever - even if I never see the people I made friands with again. (And let's face it - I probably won't.) If I had to sum it up in four words it would simply be "Dude, what a rush."

    Worst tour? The french open trip two years ago. The hotel we were supposed to be staying at wasn't finished, so we did the whole trip down to tours in one stint - where the relief driver fell asleep at the wheel near Haundieres :shock: , rehearsed, slept one night in a 'le mans' hotel (basic? Oh yes...) got up, rehearsed, played the contest, got changed on the bus, and then after the results party - boarded the coach back home at midnight to begin the marathon home.

    It wasn't that bad up until then - but the journey home was simply soul-destroying. Not the fault of anyone involved in organising the whole thing, but when combined with other factors I'll not go into, we were so tired and fractious by the time we got home that it was all a bit of a nightmare. (The ghost of that particular trip was thankfully laid to rest for me by the awesome trip I enjoyed with Lockwood band this year.)

    That's probaly the only slightly ropey trip I've ever had - so can consider my touring career blessed so far!

    Then there was the trip to great yarmouth with elland selver where I met who would become my Girlfriend. People at Elland remember that trip for other reasons though - so I'll not go into detail about it. Not my place!!
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    @Thirteen Ball : :clap::clap: cracking post, awesome. Thanks for posting.:tup
  7. worst trip

    a few years ago my band went on a long weekend to France. We'd been bulled up by the organiser that we were stopping in this great hotel, and that the concert we were performing had to change venue as too many people were coming to fit in the original one. We devised an entire new programme and got a translator organised to read out the programme in French.

    We arrived late on friday at the hotel, which was clearly a neon lit stop over for lorry drivers and women of the night (cheap ones at that), the beds were covered in polythene! You wouldn't even consider turning on the gas heaters or climbing into the bath. And the beds were too short so I spent a sleepless night with my legs dangling off the end.

    In the morining we found a continental breakfast consisting of stale cornflakes and warn UHT milk. I discovered a magic knife which wouldn't cut a crossiant but did manage to cut my index finger off nicely. I stood up and covered three white walls in blood, and the Euph players face, causing him to pass out.

    After an ambulance ride and a couple of hours in an hospital I conducted the evening concert, hoping the finger wouldn't fly off and hit a player, to an audience of three french people.

    Sunday morning consisted of trying to work out who had been sick down the entire front of the hotel, before embarking on a tour of a closed port town.

    The white cliffs of Dover looked ever so welcoming on our return!;)
  8. tubafran

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    Perhaps a best and worst - Bitburg 2008 with Coronation Brass. Usual 4 day tour of excellent playing, fun and frolics in this lovely German brewery town as part of the European Folk Lore and Dance Festival.

    Worst bit was waiting for 3 hours in Calais on the way home as the German coach driver got arrested by customs for people smuggling - he'd hidden to girls in his driver's sleeping compartment. Coach impounded and not allowed to leave France - however we then had to unload all the gear and go on the ferry as footpassengers - not happy watching my tuba in a gig-bag bouncing off the luggage conveyor in Dover as we returned - grrh. Fortunately the coach was only taking us as far as Dover anyway so at least we werent stranded.
  9. Thirteen Ball

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    Thanks John. Looks like every once in a while my random musings throw up something worth reading. :oops:

    Steve Critchlow just trumped my france trip though. Hilarious!!! Suddenly ours doesn't look so bad.... ;)
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  10. Definately reiterating Andi's post about Singapore and New Zealand - what a tour!

  11. sunshine

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    Memorable trip

    Don't know whether this is the worse trip, but it was certainly the one I remember best, and all because of one very strange day. It was a trip to Velbert in Germany with my old school band.
    Everything was going well - very enjoyable for the first few days. Then came a truly memorable day. It started with a very good outdoor concert by the band and a local choir. So far so good ..... Then we were taken to the town hall - where lunch was provided - spaghetti bolognaise - yes there we all are a group of 12 - 18 year olds in pristine white shirts and royal blue band blazers eating spaghetti, without the hint of a napkin (or handy bib) in sight. Well the splatterings of bolognaise sauce down the shirts was quite a sight. Then it got worse .....

    After the lunch fiasco, we were to be taken on a scenic trip - sounded nice until we discoved it was a trip to the local caves. Unfortunatley no-one had suggested to the host organisers that it might be a good idea if we went back to our lodgings and changed into something more appropraite. Yes, there was myself and about 5 or 6 other girls clambering down through caves whilst wearing pencil tight skirts, white stockings and stilettos - and yes we were at the age where the higher the heels the better! (It was the mid 1980's by the way). There was a part of the caves called 'The Postbox' which was a gap in the cave wall which was about 2 foot wide, by 1 and a half feet high, so we had to take off our shoes, hitch our skirts up to our waists and wriggle our way through. Not great in front of a randy set of teenage lads.:eek:

    Oh and just one more thing to mention - this took place in the era when if you took an asprin with cola - the result was something quite strange happening in your head. Believe me there was a lot of that going on.

    The female history teacher who went with us to 'supervise' the girls ended up getting so plastered she fell off a stool in a club after a concert and had to be taken to hospital.
    Ah, it's all coming back to me now....
  12. steve butler

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    It certainly sounds like a good trip to me. I wish I was there :D
  13. halsasaurus

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    ....... And? ......... you cant stop there.
  14. Markbone

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    Best trip for me has to be this summer's NYBBS tour of Japan, as mentioned earlier. :clap:

    Travelled round, seeing so many spectacular sights, concert venues, hotels etc, all the time led so efficiently by our tour guide Nob! Visiting somewhere like the Hiroshima Peace Museum and Memorial Park is also something I'll never forget.

    The bullet trains got us round so quickly, and no one went missing and that sort of thing!

    Amongst all the playing, there was still plenty of time to enjoy what Japan had to offer :p a hugely enjoyable and memorable fortnight!

    Incidentally, blogs of each day of the tour have been posted on youtube.
  15. leisa

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    Have to agree with you there for worst band trip ever, it didn't help that it was soo hot everywhere as well. I didn't think the actual rooms in the 'hotel' were too bad it was mainly the fact there were about 35 of us sharing 8 toilets and showers.

    I've not really been on any other band trips where i've actually played yet so am yet to have a best but best in general would be Australia with YBS, was just amazing to see so much of the country even if we weren't in each place longer than a ocuple of days, it was a brilliant experience. Also not technically a band trip but i went to Anstredam with my Aquinas college orchestra and that was fab, made some brilliant friends who i still keep in touch with, its the first time i ever got so drunk i actually passed out, i was so poorly but it's still one of the best trips i've been on!
  16. JR

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    ..correct on the first point!

    I never noticed the latter - too busy Bo*****ing the trombones and back row....

  17. Thirteen Ball

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    I seem to remember it wasn't JUST the trombones and back row either JR.... :oops:

    One of the funniest moments of the trip was the whole bass section staring at Ben 'Jesus' Smailes - now of Kirbymoorside town band, when he'd obviously dropped off in a break between playing.

    We were all waiting for him to snooze through his next entry, and the ensuing hilarity that would cause - but it was far more amusing when his bleary eyes opened about three beats before he was due to play, he picked his euph up and came in as sweet as a nut. And by doing so, he woke up the second euph, Becca Carter, who proceded to do exactly the same at her entry a bar and a half later.

    Then they both wondered why the four of us suddenly found ourselves helpless with giggles and talking about 'the domino effect.'

    Ah happy days...
  18. andywooler

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    Most of the best trips have been on trips organised by Tim Lord.

    One of the best: Boulogne - this should have been a trip to Dieppe to celeberate 30 or so years of foreign trips but when we got to Newhaven, we discovered there was a ferry strike - so, off to Dover and over to Boulogne instead - hotel being booked over the phone as we were travelling. Within half an hour of arriving at our hotel, Tim had a gig lined up at a nearby Café. That resulted in an invitation to play in a Jazz Club which is where the real fun started. The few left sober enough to go there were myself, Nigel Simmons, who played piano, Dave Laughland (Euph) & John Leach (Trombone). I recall playing "Misty" with Nigel accompanying as the tables and chairs were flying around us - we appear to have set up in the middle of a riot. Our minder for the night, a gentleman by the name of Dover Disney (real name!) continued to bring us crates of the local ale which kept us going until the early hours. These trips often involved the late night playing of "Somewhere over the Rainbow" - this was no exception as the residents of the Ibis discovered at around 4.00am.
    We also had to busk "Boquet de Paris" because we forgot to take the music - according to Nigel, we managed to do the whole selection a tone higher than written. I don't recall that being too tired and emotional at the time to notice.
  19. But that was what they were there for John - as long as it detracted from shouting at basses, we didn't care!


  20. Also Ben's storming rendition of "Rule Brittania" at that there garden party in Singapore - not to forget JV's and myself rendition of Dick N Dom in da Bungalow *shudder*