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  1. Bbmad

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    I am looking for some inspiration and maybe someone that I can aspire to emulate.

    Who is the best trombone player out there? I have seen Chris Jeans, he seems to know what he is doing and Brett Baker seems pretty good. Are there any others that I should maybe consider watching?
  2. 2nd tenor

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    I'll treat this as a serious thread though it might well be a 'wind-up'.

    Douglas Yeo and Ian Bousfield are thought of as 'top mem', for 'top women' then look out the Trombone Quartet Bones Appart. I heard those Ladies play a few years back and the're just magic - really nice people and excellent players both in their own right and as a quartet too. Try Youtube and I'm sure that you'll find something there for all the names I've mentioned.
  3. DS2014

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    :) well done Bbmad, you really are giving us an internet lesson. You've demonstrated flaming, and trolling, and now this latest trombone episode is giving us trawling. However, you always seem to catch the same fish!
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    I don't know what you are on about. Why anyone would interrupt a thread about trombone players to make that comment, i am not sure?
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  6. 2nd tenor

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    Now this is only my best guess but I think you might have upset quite a few people on here. Eventually pretty much everybody looses their patience; it's only a suggestion but as you're getting negative responses from positive people it's time for you to take some time away from TMP. The mod's have deleted several of your posts too, do yourself a favour and have a break from posting here.
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    Hmm I am not sure about that. It is not often that you are right but on this occasion you are wrong. I was given some good advice, quite recently and that is that if you don't like a post, you don't have to read it. Can't see how asking about who the best trombone player can be upsetting but I suppose peoples tolerances differ.
    Anyhow, we have steered of topic...... who are the top trombonists that it is worth me trying to emulate?
  8. Feel My Rath

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    The Lurpak man. Cover yourself in butter and play your rusty trombone.

    ROBTHEDOG Member

    Zoltan Kiss. Christian Lindberg. Best Brit. Ian Bousfield. .
  10. Splitzer

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    Norman Law.
  11. smaca

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    Hi, being Scottish and perhaps swayed towards Scottish players,for me Paul Kiernan of the Co-op Funeralcare Band has been and still is one of the top and most consistent trombone players there has been........and when I say consistent I mean for well over 30 years, and still even yesterday gaining a first prize at solo and quartet contest. To play at that level and for so long, and still delivering today, is worth mentioning and emulating.

    Worth a listen next time you have opportunity to listen to the Co-op.
  12. BUcket_Mute

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    Ryan Watkins, he's my bestest slidey bone player.
  13. pedaller

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    Surprised that no one has mentioned Frank Berry and Gordon Clough. Both had the "traditional" brass band sound, but also bags of musicianship and style. Excellent section leaders, and both stylish and emotionally involving players. Well done Bb mad for allowing us the opportunity to express our preferences.