Best Recording by an SA Band???

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by johnflugel, Feb 24, 2004.

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    Peter, I enjoyed 'Hemispheres' too but mainly for Harold Burgmayer's title track. I don't imagine it will ever get too much airing due to the fact it's just so different. My favourite bit is when 'I'll go in the strength of the Lord' merges seamlessly into the 'Can-Can'!! :lol:

    I also like the CSB 'Golden Slippers' LP but am nervous about saying so in case we wake Mr. Steven Day up again!! :wink:

    Paul Drury
    Edinburgh Gorgie Band
    Fuoco Brass - love that trombone solo :!:
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    1965 bandmasters councils

    I have heard dozens of great recordings of SA music but the one that still sends shivers down my spine is the recording of the ISB 1965 Bandmasters councils. The Holy War, Symphony of Thanksgiving, Fantasia for Piano & Band, Give to Jesus Glory etc. Wonderful playing and huge brass band sounds.

    Russ- 2nd Cornet-Freckleton Band.
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    I see the original recording of Kaleidoscope is being re-released on CD sometime in May.

    If you haven't heard the original you'll be in for a treat, arguably the finest recording from an SA band.
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    '65 recording of ISB playing The Holy War and RSA playing his Fantasia for piano

    '68 recording of ISB, NYSB, Wellington Citadel and Kettering - The Present Age was my favourite musical composition for a long time after that. My life wasn't complete until I'd conducted all the pieces on that record
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    John, I am pleased to say that we are re-issuing this LP on CD at the European Brass Band Contest at the end of the month.
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    so whe almost agree that that the album kaleidoscope from the enfield citadel band is the best.

    But there is one album no one talks about : My strenght My Tower by the Enfield citadel band recorded if i am correct in 1979.
    This is a splendid album with lovely music on it like the red cliffe march.selection the Childerens Friend (leidzen), cornet solo tucker( Leidzen) played fabulous by Richard Martin (lovely cadenza). of course My Strenght My Tower (D.Goffin). Selection Wells of Gladness (Rs-A) \ March Crusaders (D.Goffin) . meditation How charming is thy Name (R.redhead). salvation army brass at his best

    Stephan Ruysink The Netherlands
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    Im a great fan of SA music.. Some of it are just magic and the SA band know how to play their music... My best SA recording must be:

    The Heaton Collection (disc 2) - International Staff Band, MD Stephen Cobb..
    Great playing, fantastic sound and the music is well shaped.. Great soloists..
    A pleasure :) Thank you..
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    mmmmm! I'm a bit late on this one but ALL tracks except Bram Coles' march "In The Firing Line" are used for the CD "The Enfield Collection" released in 1989. Additional tracks on CD are "Trombone Vespers" (Ray Steadman-Allen), Canadian Folk Song Suite (Morley Calvert) and Quintessence (Robert Redhead). Shame to leave that track out as it would have saved money on re-issuing it again.
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    I have got a recording of
    Variations On Macabaus by the Canadian Staff Band Live the odd little slip but nothing to detract from a Very Good Recording of the piece:clap:
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    What album is that on?
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    Difficult thread to completely nail down to an end point.Kaleidoscope is a brilliant & exciting recording , did not take long to record also we are told. However there are some intonation issues small ones but there. As a product the ISB Heaton Collection disc 2 has all the elements that is required for the title of this particular thread. In addition the recording sessions apparently were hindered by a power failure in one of the sessions which ultimately had to be cancelled.

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    For me It's got to be on vinyl ISB Australian Memories just to hear the Tuba Duet Radient Pathway played by Les Condon & George Whittingham.As a Young Y.P band member I didn't know Tuba players were capable of such Quality :) And recent release has to be Sanctuary by Boscombe Band. This band just gets better and better, and a program that just doesn't get recorded elsewhere.
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    I think as has been mentioned elsewhere the ISB :
    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][/FONT]
    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]BRASS BAND FESTIVAL[/FONT]
    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][/FONT]
    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]THE INTERNATIONAL STAFF BAND[/FONT]

    LP is very good.

    From Non UK corps Bands Stockholm 7s This man Leizden is also a favourite of mine.
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    Great thread this one. I would agree with all here and add my comments re Enfield Kaleidoscope recording. In the Firing Line was wonderful. Stuart HORTON is still playing and just is the best bass trom i have ever heard in my humble opinion. Kettering band did a great record years ago with a Eupho on the cover, was really good from memory. The Present Age is a ripper too and played well by YBS as is On Ratcliffe Highway.
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    that might be a bit harsh, but it is certainly true that nowadays SA bands are not in the top 20 bands making regular CD releases.
    hence the need for a separate thread i suppose.
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    So, why post it publically you odd person?
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    I've always been partial to Eric Ball's Kingdom Triumphant, it always gets to me, especially from Letter L to the end (about 6:38 in the link elow). A wonderful version by the Salvation Army's International Staff Band is here: