Best prank you've pulled....

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  1. on another musician.
    In the school wind band last night, me and my fellow trumpeter, managed to convince the people who are starting AS music in September that there is in fact an exam on *how to put up a music stand* and they believed us!!!!:clap: We even told them how many marks we got, and they asked our music teacher when it is!!!! You'd think that the fact me and Adam were rolling on the floor laughing might have given it away!!! But that has instantly become my highlight of sixth form! (Shame it came so near the end...might have made it a bit more bearable!!)

    (sorry if this has already been done....!)
  2. Lauradoll

    Lauradoll Active Member

    Ooh I'm going to tell my GCSE kids that tonight in Wind Band. Thanks for that!!

    I've had kids trotting over to Art for a tin of tartan paint, Science for a bag of steam and Design Technology for a box of sparks. More imaginative that the usual long stand, although that sometimes does work.
  3. Alan Fernie

    Alan Fernie Member

    A friend of mine once had a bassoonist in a wind band he was conducting, who was a real pain in the ****. So he did an arrangement in which the bassoon part was full of directions like "only play if there are no Euphoniums" (they had Euphoniums), "cut from A to B "(yes, we're making the cut), and "play first time only" (we're taking the second time bar and not repeating) etc. etc. Apparently, it took him 3 rehearsals to work out that he didn't play anything in the piece at all!
  4. Rapier

    Rapier Supporting Member

    Amateurs! Not Musician related but still funny.

    We once told a Probationer (new PC) on his first night duty that we had received a Flood Warning. So he was sent with a ruler down to the canal, where he had to record the water level every 30 minutes. WE left him there for 4 hours. :D

    And another PC was a bit windy around the local cemetery. So one night duty, we found an old shop window Dummy arm, which we stuck hanging out of the lid of an old tomb. Then I walked through the cemetery with him saying we had received a call about strange noises. When I shouted what's that and shone my torch on the Tomb, the guy nearly wet himself. He must have broken the world record for 200 metres!! :)
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  5. tinytimp

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    Apparently (this was before I started at my present band) somebody put a cucumber down one of the EEb basses! The thing is, the player didn't notice for about 2 contests :-?
  6. Andy Cooper

    Andy Cooper Member

    This is some time ago, but at the time of the Falklands War I worked at Rochdale Jobcentre. We had a 18 year old lad working there, nicknamed the apprentice who was a bit green to say the least. he got the usual tasks ,sent for the long stand etc but when Thatcher declared war I doctored an official departmental circular to say that by dint of the fact Civil Servants were Crown employees, they were first in line to be called up for active service.

    The circular went on to say that all males between 18 -25 with surnames A - E (his was a C) were to report to catterick barracks the following Monday. Our manager at the time entered into the spirit of things and duly called him into his office with the line "I may have some rather upsetting news". The look on his face as he emerged was an absolute picture.

    We had to finally let him in on the prank just before he went to take issue with our colleagues at the local army recruiting office up the road!
  7. andyp

    andyp Active Member

    Couple of my favourites, which I think have been done more than once, but are still funny.

    When a female member of the band does her last concert before giving up temporarily to have a baby, after presenting her with a large bunch of flowers/chocolates/etc the conductor should ask for the proud father to stand up, at which point every male member of the band should stand up.........

    One for soloists - set their stand up with a posh folder/cover for their music, which you leave closed for them to open when they stand up to play their solo. Then replace their music with a centrefold from a suitably dodgy publication, so they have to (a) play the solo from memory and (b) do it while trying to keep a straight face given what's in front of them!

    But the most effective one I've ever pulled was at work, someone brought a real Davy Crockett hat in that they'd bought in Canada, so I hid it in a workmate's desk drawer. I expected her to open the drawer, see the raccoon tail and perhaps jump in shock or something. However, she didn't look in the drawer, she put her hand in blind and got hold of the tail. At which point she screamed and hit the roof...........!
    Then a pen hit me in the side of the face. How she knew it was me out of all the people there I have no idea :evil:
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  8. Bungle

    Bungle Member

    A work colleague was expecting a delivery and when the box arrived I undid the bottom took the contents out and resealed it. He then spent 5 minutes routing through the polystyrene packing trying to find the contents. What I didn't expect was the speed he got onto the suppliers, he was already through to customer support, before i could say 'is this what your looking for'. Evil I know, but he did deserve it.

    Just come back from a pub lunch out in the country, in the sunshine. What a nice day we are having.
  9. Andy_Euph

    Andy_Euph Active Member

    Not done by me, but was on a residential week with the county wind band years ago in an old castle in the middle of northumberland and two of the tuba players didn't get on. One of the guys had done something to the other and to get his own back during a break, he took all the tuning slides out of the other guys tuba and hid them around the castle...come rehearsal time he was met with a map on his music pad telling him where he should think about going to look for them...about 15 minutes later and a rollocking off the conductor and all slides were returned. Then just to put some icing on the cake Pugh, the guy who all this had been done to, picked up his tuba blew a note then nearly puked his guts out...the other guy had doused the mouthpiece in albus oil...CLASSIC!
  10. persins

    persins Member

    I once heard about a tale regarding a really arrogant trumpet player who thought he was absolutely god's gift to everything. He was playing in the pit orchestra for a Uni show and was annoying everyone by talking constantly about how good he was and what he'd done etc.

    On the final matinee performance, he mistakenly left his instrument in the pit while he went to the toilet. He came back to find every single moving piece removed and left in front of him. This included slides, valves (taken apart not just removed) and triggers!! He was not amused but it shut him up for a while. Job done!!
  11. persins

    persins Member

    Apologies for double posting but just remembered a classic from a tour of Germany.
    It began with the school-boy error of leaving the mouthpiece still in the instrument while on a beer break! Some of the stuff that happened to that mouthpiece is just too rude to mention but hey it was funny, mainly because it wasn't mine!!! I learnt a valuable lesson that day and have never left my mouthpiece unnattended since.
  12. ian perks

    ian perks Active Member

    Many years ago i used to play Baddminton on a tuesday night with a mate where used to work with :well i left and we carried on playing but it got to the stage where he was starting to not turn up and ring the next day making excuses and saying he would be ok for the following week well a good mate of mine played baddminton and said any time you want a game give me a shout so the next week i did
    Well this bloke turns up to find my mate and myself on court i said
    "Next Game you play the winner"
    "Ok " he says
    Well we played the game as it turned out we were both going for all the shots and the game went on for about 25 mins until it went to a tie break that was a game in itself.
    The game lasted for 35 mins we were both dripping sweat, and rather worn out(you know what i mean) he said
    "Who am i playing next"
    i said "ME:) But i will have to get a drink first my mate said the same well instead of going for a drink we had a shower and went home leaving him there all on his own:biggrin: wandering where we had got to
    The next day he phoned and was :ranting2: so i said
    "Well you have wasted my time over the last few weeks by not turning up so i have wasted YOUR TIME by turning up and not playing a game so go and take a running jump off the motorway bridge on the M6 junction 7(You can guess what i mean what i really said to him but i cant put it down as i will get told off by some one ;) "
    So should anyone want to mess me about just beware i have bigger cards to play with:D
  13. drummergurl

    drummergurl Active Member

    i know of some where a pencil (or other similar object, might have been a pen or triangle beater) was sellotaped to the back of a tamtam..
    and a duster been shoved up a tubular bell. both rather amusing effects!

    also, my mum decided to shove a towel down a BBb bass.. which made it even more amusing when the BBb bass player had actually been lent a mouthpiece by someone, and was using it for the first time. he thought he had been given a trick mouthpiece. so then went and changed the mouthpiece, found it still didn't work. it was hilarious! took him a while to work out he had a towel stuffed down his instrument
  14. Steve

    Steve Active Member

    My favourite practical joke was laying a lawn in a mates front room when he went shopping. Especially as it matched the walls and furniture better than his carpet.
  15. SuperMosh

    SuperMosh New Member

    Old one but still very funny

    Not elaborate at all but I find it vastly amusing to hide everyone's office furniture, including desks, at work. Simple blu-tack on someone's phone receiver is a good one too. Oldies are the best.
  16. geordiecolin

    geordiecolin Active Member

    Generally correct Andy, but if I remember rightly it went a bit more like this.....

    There were 3 bass players at the time. Myself and Pugh, always up for a joke kept sabotaging each others instruments, tuning slides missing etc, at one point his bass was found dressed in his pyjamas in his bed!! As Andy says, it did all eventually come to a head and we both got a rollicking. Then Pugh went to play his bass and was indeed very nearly sick. However, a far cry from olbas oil, his mouthpiece had in fact been doused in Flash (now Cif)!! And to top it all, the culprit was the until this point totally uninvolved, rather quiet and slightly creepy 3rd bass player.

    I think I got the blame though :(

    Another trick that used to occur rather regularly at Barnsley BS Band when I was down there was the insertion of the reed bit from those party tooter things into a bass mouthpiece. Always a classic.

    At work, a good one is to rip off a portion of post-it note, write HAHA! on it and stick it over the lens of an infrared computer mouse. It takes some people ages to fathom!
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  17. Will the Sec

    Will the Sec Active Member

    Dave Payn playing Nessum Dorma on a harmonium during a CP tour of Germany must have been a sight and sound to behold!
  18. six pints

    six pints Active Member

    Hide the tuba! how much of a fun game was that!

    mind you, us trumpeters had a few tricks ofour own- removing the middle valve slide in a rehearsal just before a concert (tims if i remember correctly), pencil in that little annoying kids trumpet, general tormentation of dave....

    i also remember me and claire arthur being annoyed cos we werent allowed to play sock hockey, we went to trash ur room but it was so messy we actually tidied it up!

    those were the days!
  19. Andy_Euph

    Andy_Euph Active Member

    My bad, all I remember is it being pretty funny at the time...that was a good week away diggerdoo et al:biggrin:
  20. geordiecolin

    geordiecolin Active Member

    ...indeed. The memories.... especially having to sleep on the floor of the dormitory for a week cos I was too tall for the bed. :( [/offtopic]

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