Best of luck to ...

Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by Straightmute, Jul 7, 2005.

  1. Straightmute

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    ... all at Reg Vardy (Ever Ready) Band as they represent England at the World Championships in Kerkrade this weekend.

    (We'll be thinking of you as we leave the bandroom en route to Trimdon Grange at 5.00 a.m. on Saturday...:eek: :guiness:eek: )

    But it would be great to play against the World Champions in Darlington next March so get out there and win it for the North of England!

  2. BoozyBTrom

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    Cheers Mr Mute.

    The preparations are going well and all seems to be in order. The set test is a blow and a half and as for our Own Choice it certainly is a monster blow.

    Hopefully we will do the boys and girls at home proud.

    Personally im really looking forward to it. The hall looks great and from what i have heard about the contest its going to be a great weekend and its not everyday you get to play on a world stage. ( perhaps not the contest it could have been but even so it wont take the shine off it for me)

    I look forward to mingling with the other bands and listening to the saturday contest.

    Enjoy Durham day it is an experiance and the Trimdon Banner Guys and Gals are top people.

    Thanks again and as they say "You Never Know"

    PS Due to a MASSIVE SERVER FAILURE the website has crashed and due to me working and rehearsing like a good en i might not be able to get it back on line until after the worlds. Typical!!!!!!!
  3. Mrs Fruity

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    We're back!!!!!! 14 hours there and 14 hours back on a bus (all be it a very nice bus with exceptional drivers) is a lot to give to come back wi nowt!!!!!

    That said- we were very happy with the way we played on Sunday (as we melted into puddles in the most fierce heat I've ever felt on a contest stage) although I didn't feel we did ourselves justice in the test piece on Saturday. Unfortunately, I only heard the other bands from the beer terrace, so I can't comment, although I know that Treize Etoiles were clinical in their delivery of EVERYTHING.

    Kerkrade - what a fab place!!!!!! Heerlen too - Cafe d'r klinge - best bar in Holland!!!!! And the Dutch are lovely, friendly people, as are Brass Band of Chicago, who stayed in our hotel, and the National Band of New Zealand, thanks for lending us your rehearsal facilities when it all went pear-shaped.

    Congratulations to the prizewinners!!!!

    Overall, we're disappointed, knackered- but we'd do it all again tomorrow (well, perhaps next week...) :) :)