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    Are you up for the best job in banding? Trinity Girls Brass Band, the only all female brass band in the country, are currently seeking a new musical Director.
    The band has an almost full complement of players and enjoys the challenge of contesting but the diary also includes a variety of other engagements. The girls, who are looking to build and progres, are looking for a well motivated band trainer who would enjoy the challenge of being part of this unique band. With the bands 50th Anniversary on the horizon in 2009, which includes a tour to Ireland, the band are looking to appoint a committed conductor who has the enthusiasm to make this a very special year. We would welcome all enquiries ( and all calls will be treated in the strictest of confidence


    I have no conducting experience at all, however I have played tuba in the championship section for several years, I have no idea whatsoever, but I d love this job!
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    Actually you will find that they are one of two all female brass bands in the country. If you have not heard of them check out the girls in Boobs and Brass, who have performed under the direction of both male and female musical directors including Betty Anderson and Adele Sellers and most recently Jonathon Mott.

    For more info -
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    I don't think "Boobs and Brass" have a commendable 50 year contesting heritage like Trinity Girls.

    Are "Boobs and Brass" a bona Fide band where all the players are registered to the band, or are they a "Get together occasionally for charity" band ?

    If it's the latter, all strength and success to them, but they are not a registered contesting band with an honourable history as are Trinity Girls.

    Bye the bye, what happened to Madeline Aspinall [Cornet] and Dorothy Johnson [BBb Bass] ? - Trinity Girls - NYBBGB 1960's.

    It's really nice to see so many girls in banding; as with the guys,there are some brilliant players.
    We are now truly a dual gendered movement, and certainly better for it !
    - Wilkie
  5. steve butler

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    Some of your movements look a bit "dual gendered" my twinkle toe'd friend
  6. Simon_Horn

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    ..where do I sign?!
  7. Chunky

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    Where they tell you.

    Make sure you get it right or else they will have to do it again and moan about how a woman always has to re do everything a man does! ;)
  8. Rapier

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    Can I apply to play with the Band and then sue when they won't let a man join?
  9. nicola_bentham

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    What has happened to your former M.D Stuart Barton? He has been there for years!
  10. on_castors

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    The only time I saw them play, they had 3 male players and a male conductor!

    Is "all-girls," a similar concept to being "slightly dead" or "almost pregnant?" in this case.

    I found it laughable, it becomes a meaningless concept with even ONE male player, borrowed of not. The first time this "rule" is broken, it is no longer such a thing!
    I accept that, in the past this might well have been a very worthwhile idea, when female players were not allowed into other bands, but is such an odd anachronism (even though probably still perfectly legal) desirable now?

    If a band was set up of any other closed group, (minority or not) would there be anyone shouting "me first"? For one thing, I suggest a thread on here to that effect would be moderated out of existence before you could blink, and rightly so! Even the bands that effectively exclude women players by not actually having them don't shout about it!

  11. iancwilx

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    I take it you won't be "Dragging Up" and applying for the job then ?
    - Wilkie
    (He's a bundle of fun ain't he folks ?)
  12. iancwilx

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    PS:- No need to shout. (Capitals !!!!)
  13. iancwilx

    iancwilx Well-Known Member

    PPS:- Sorry, I've just realised they're big fonts not capitals - I wonder why.
    Does it denote a raised voice rather than a full shout ?
    - Wilkie
  14. steve butler

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    We won't be inviting Mr Castors to join us at the audition then Ian? :D

    I think its only right that the ladies should cock a snoot (as the saying goes - or did I make it up?) to all the blatant sexism that blighted brass bands for years.

    I wonder if they hold auditions on Saturday Evenings :wink:
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  15. A chance for some smutty double-entedre and a dig at someone for having a female only band....
    How predictable some of you are:rolleyes:
  16. iancwilx

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    Don't worry about these sour grim faced characters prattling on about "All girl bands" being sexist.
    Trinity Girls Band was a shining star in the banding firmament long before the politically correct Commissars stalked the Earth.
    I also think the guys with the "Nudge nudge wink wink comments are only having a bit of harmless fun - laugh with them.
    Beware though, some of the ladies can also be "Grim sour faced characters"; politically correct from the feminist angle.
    Banding is fun, ignore the thin lipped misery merchants.
    Have a blow and socialise afterwards (I used to - really !!) - that's what it's all about.
    - Wilkie
    (Ain't that right Steve ?)
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    Folks - please remember this is the recruitment area of tMP. If you wish to debate the pro's and con's of who some may consider to be the 'best job in banding' :) please feel free to start a new thread in the respective forum category.

    Thanks :tup