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Discussion in 'Historical bandsmen' started by the flugel horn, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. the flugel horn

    the flugel horn New Member

    Does any-one here remember a program on chanel 3 about 35 years ago called best in the west?
    It was a game show where each town in the West had to send a team for different catagories eg cooking, pub quiz and music was one of them.
    My boyfriend was playing Soprano at the time and their youth quartet was chosen to represent Shaftesbury.
    They won out of all the towns for music but the town itself lost on another catagory.
    I have heard a tape recording and the music was really good especially as they were all under 16!
    I am trying to get hold of a video recording.
    I know video recorders were scarce then but does any-one have any ideas/ know where I could get one?
    I have contacted the TV companies but they moved premises about 20 years ago and discarded most of the older programs.
    I would be really grateful for any help as i've been trying to get hold of one for nearly 2 years now and have run out of ideas!!!!!
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