best ever soprano player

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    having read with interest the best sop player, i have to say having heard pete roberts and charlie cook[ fodens 1932 to 1964] cook stands out head and shoulders above anyone. his range and sound were unbeatable. heard his very last contest performance at buxton in the late 60s playing les- preludes. no one could get near him then at that age. once heard harry mort say, ther will be no other sop player at any time to touch him. he had more octaves in him than an organ. if ever a test piece was written for him it was diadem of gold. playing up in the gods, and so quitetly, bram gay described him along with denis brain as the two finest brass players he has ever heard. he left so many memories, and wonderfull contest performances. in the hall of fame he is without doubt the best ever. ian buckley
  2. sop 1

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    peter roberts everytime!
  3. emziesonic

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    Peter Roberts wins hands down...havn't heard anyone like him!
  4. I hate to say it, but i cant see anyone being as natural, loud,sweet, technical, musical with the ability to "ride" a band like Pete! He is/was the man!
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    My personal favorite is Kevin Crockford. Whatever band he's played with has seen an almost instant upturn in fortunes. His trophy cabinet must be bursting by now. Coincidence? I don't think so!
    I've seen him play many times including the infamous 'concert of the century' with Dyke at Bradford St. Georges Hall around the mid 90's I think, when James Watson was in charge. The program was an absolute tour de force, with plenty of heavyweight stuff on there. He never missed a note all night, his sheer power and stamina was amazing to watch.
    With age he's got better too, especially in the quieter stuff.
    Plenty more left in the tank no doubt!
  6. towse1972

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    I agree. Kev matures with age. A dead cert for a quality performance. That takes balls of steel! :clap:
  7. sopboy

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    3 of the best sop sounds

    Brian Evans
    Alan W
    Craig B

    I thought Nigel Fielding at Dyke and Baldrick at YBS were very good also.
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    I have got to be biased here-I think the best Soprano in the west of england plays for Bath Spa Band!!!
  9. steve butler

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    Have not heard many of the modern players (sorry don't listen to brass bands that much) but had the pleasure of playing with Roy Roe in the 70's,
    beautiful sound. Always brought either a smile to my face os shivers up the spine.
  10. marksmith

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    I have to agree with the selections already made, but I have to add one more.
    My brother, Matt Smith. Having played on various instruments over the years, including some impressive playing on Flug, he found his instrument on Soprano.
    Full, sweet tone, massive sound and range, he would be difficult to beat in the Midlands area.
    The only pity being, he no longer plays, after distinguished stints with Amington, Nottingham Transport and Snibston.
  11. marksmith

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    sopranos of note

    I would be surprised to see this thread void of another Midlands player, Dave 'Hutch' Hutchinson. Latterly a conductor, but in his playing days with 'Jones and Crossland', he was superb. I remember him having terrible pre-playing nerves, especially at solo contests, but when he got on stage, wow!!!
  12. AmedSop

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    Top three Sop players ever have to be:

    1. Brian Evans
    2. Pete Roberts
    3. Bert Howarth
  13. ian perks

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    Just to add to this;
    Yes very true Hutch what a player would push the very best of sop players to player better than there best.
    Hutch does some playing still out in Spain as he lives out there now left UK in May 2006 after doing a recording with our Band Gresley Colliery as our conductor.
    Ive always had a lot of respect for him both as a player &conductor.but
    WHEN HE GOT ON STAGE WOW!!!!!!!!!:woo :woo :woo spings to mind very quickly
  14. Sopstar superstar

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    Mine has to be Brian Evans, the man's a true sop player
  15. dyl

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    Surely you weren't that bad Ian?
  16. Masterblaster jnr

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    1.Pete Roberts
    2.Brian Evans
    3.Kevin Crockford
  17. nigeb12

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    Having been privileged to hear many of the mentioned players at close quarters I'd have to say that Craig Bennett would be my choice with Alan W and Brian E alongside. They just sound like "real" soprano players for me.
  18. trumpetmaest

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    1. Pete Roberts
    2. Brian Evans
    3. Roy Roe
  19. Blagger

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    Cant get past Peter Roberts - since watching that utube vid of Flowerdale
    Kevin Crockford on full blast is great too:)
  20. ian perks

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    I dont think David Hutchinson would like to see a reply like this or any member of Gresley Colliery Band !!!!!