Best Concert of the Year !! So Far --

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    I went to the 'Cardiff New Brass festival' last night,

    The very best concert of the year - so far !!

    Some excellent ensemble playing to start with
    from BTM junior band,
    an RAF Royal Fanfare,
    some superb playing from Wormshead Brass,
    the excellent 'Euphomy' Euphonium quartet,
    & loads of new music from up and coming British composers.

    The 2nd half of the concert was filled with the Symphonic Brass ensemble from
    the World famous RAF Central band.
    WOW !!!!!!
    What a great group of players,
    and what a fantastic and entertaining concert,
    I loved everything they played from Classical through to Jazz.
    This is a group of players you should really look out for,
    some of the very best brass playing I have ever heard,
    Better than PJBE.

    The Good news is -

    The 2nd concert of the festival is on tonight (Sat)

    With the superlative David Thornton on Euphonium,
    The BTM band,
    Dean wright on trumpet,
    and the World famous Oslofjord brass band,
    and more new music from British composers.

    Concert start at 7.30pm at Cardiff metropolitan Cathedral.

    I'm sure this will be another great (Not to be Missed) concert,

    Hope to see you there,
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    Glad you enjoyed it - would have loved to have been able to get along myself.
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    Hmmm, shouldn't this be in the Ads forum? :rolleyes: ;)
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    ... or "The Auditorium" :oops:
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    [*enter "Dirty Dozen" (Donald Sutherland(?)) mode*]

    " ... Nope ... ; never heard of 'em ... "

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