Best Bandstands?

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by tubafran, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. tubafran

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    Yesterday KSB completed their Summer season of outdoor concerts at The Arboretum Bandstand in Nottingham - what a fantastic bandstand it is, tiered seating area for a fair size audience, the bandstand itself is octagonal in shape with electric shutters all round to protect it from vandals when not in use, carpeted area and stairs (with disabled lift to an underfloor storage area. Once the shutters were up the bandstand has full height sash windows which can be fully lowered to open various sides - subject to weather.

    The weather yesterday was horrendous and we had a small but appreciative and enthusiastic audience but after 2 hours we gave up as the heavens openned. The band remained comfortable and dry for the whole performance.

    The bandstand even has electric and fully lights so must be fantastic for evening concerts too.

    Well done Nottingham City Council a bandstand to be proud of and one that a few other councils should take note of.

    So do you know of any better bandstand?
  2. umchacha56k

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    the one in ormskirk is plain with a few spotlights and hanging baskets around it,

    yet is no less enjoyable than any other bandstand : )
  3. Terrible Timp

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    Don't know what it's like to play on but the Pinewalk Bandstand in Bournemouth always looks great it's big has electric windows and it's in the middle of lovely gardens and always attracts great audiences in the summer.
  4. rikster

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    Eastbourne Bandstand is quite nice to play on, and to listen to the band the audience has an enclosed lower area (makes it easier to charge entry) with extra spaces available on the promenades.
    For a disappointment though, I was in Bournemouth during the middle of August and listened to Bournemouth Band play at the central bandstand in the park, The Band were very enjoyable to listen to, and gave an excellent concert, but I have to say that if you strayed more than 10 feet either side of the cetre of the bandstand then the band might as well not bothered as you couldnt hear anything, especially the (p) passages, I am presuming that the sound projection is limited due to the box like structure. As I haven't played on there myself it would be interesting to hear the views of people who have.
  5. andywooler

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    Eastbourne - without a shadow of a doubt, one of the finest bandstands in the UK
  6. Ipswich trom

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    Have to agree, the best I've played on for sure. It's here.

    IYOUNG Member

    Not sure the windows are electric!! but certainly the best bandstand I have conducted on

    Roll on 2009
  8. brassbandmaestro

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    Yes, thirded!! Eastbourne Bandstand!! Played there a few times. Hopefully Brighton will have its own bandstand soon!!!
  9. trumpetmike

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    Another Eastbourne fan here - and an EXCELLENT chip shop within easy walking distance - wonderful.

    (whish the band room was bigger though)
  10. Will the Sec

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    The new bandstand in Southend in erm... can't remember the name of the park is very nice.
  11. brassneck

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  12. PeterBale

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    Not actually a new bandstand, just the old one which had to be resited in Priory Park due to erosion of the previous cliff-top location :eek:

    I would have to go for Bournemouth as my favourite, though, and I've never been aware of any sound problems, having played there on several occasions, and listened to many bands when on holiday visiting grandparents in the area. One thing I like about Bournemouth is that the audience can also watch and listen through the back of the bandstand, from the path, which gives it quite an intimate feel.

    Eastbourne isn't bad, but my opinion may be coloured by the fact that the only time I've played there it was extremely windy, which presented us with all sorts of problems.

    Howard Davis Park in Jersey is also pretty good.
  13. andywooler

    andywooler Supporting Member

    Whilst the location is nice, not so sure the actual bandstand comes anywhere near either Bournemouth or Eastbourne - although my last gig there was back in the mid 70's.
    It does though have the better local beer !
  14. brassbandmaestro

    brassbandmaestro Active Member

    You sure your right about that Andy. I think it was in the earlier part of this decade or latter part of the 90s!!
  15. Accidental

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    Eastbourne is fab - although it can be VERY cold on a windy day!

    Brighton does have a bandstand..... BSB played on it a few times in the 80s, we were even filmed on it for a BBC thing about Max Miller! It was always 'interesting' getting the drum kit and basses up there though, and it got shut down by the health & safety people. It would be lovely to see it fully restored and used again.

    Away from the seaside, my favourite bandstands are Hyde Park -good crowd, good fee (!) and all that history, and the Botanical Gardens in Brum.
  16. Bass Trumpet

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    I'll agree, Eastbourne looks lovely. I've not played there, but I took a good look a couple of weeks ago when I was woking in the Winter Gardens and had a couple of hours off.

    Can I mention a couple from the damp fens?

    Ely's new bandstand is a very pleasant place to be. You might remember a few years back when Channel 4's Time Team did an extended dig at Ely riverside. Initially there was a timber yard on the site, but it was due for redevelopment. In the short space of time, the archeologists came in and found some fascinating evidence of ancient Ely.

    In an unbeliveable act of preservation, Ely City Council decided that this was too important a site to build on, so they quashed the planning application and dedicated the space as a public park, joining the Riverside walk and marina with the Cathedral precincts. I think it's one of the most beautiful parts of East Anglia and on nice Sunday afternoons, the park is full. The new bandstand is large enough for a full band to be comfortable with room to spare. Top marks for Ely City Council :clap:

    By contrast, Chatteris decided to build a bandstand without knowing the first thing about it. It's about 15-foot square and has a fixed bench in the middle. For a few summers they tried to organise band concerts, but bands could never shift the resident winos on the bench and they had to compete with all the youngsters driving past (it's on a main road) in their souped up Corsas. Worst bandstand in the world? Possibly!
  17. tubafran

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    Many years ago Sheffield City Council spent lots of cash on a brand new and modern bandstand located on The Moor - one of the main pedestrianised shopping areas in the city - pre Meadowhell. Unfortunately they never had any money to pay bands to play on.

    We occasionally got paid to do Christmas jobs on there from the Shop Association and they had an annual "more the merrier" event to push the area. Eventually it was demolished after less than 15 years - presummably because it wasnt used.

    At the same time the traditional bandstand in Weston Park was in such a state that bands were not allowed to play there as it was an unsafe structure.

    Good news is that as part of a major re-furb of Weston Park Museum and the gardens (oppoiste Childrens Hospital) the bandstand has been fully refurbed and is once again in use.

    Found a couple of links to the restored bandstand here before here after
  18. Bungle

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    My vote goes to Eastbourne, I've depped there three times this year as I only live 5 miles away. Unfortunately the fee is not too good and most of the lights don't work, which makes the evening concerts interesting. The 1812 nights are good as you get fireworks at the end and the bar is open during the break :guiness.

    The bandstand on the Lees at Folkestone is pretty, but I have not been back there since it's been refurbished.
  19. Bass Trumpet

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    That's a great story about the restored bandstand. Really touching to see that councils actually care.
  20. brassbandmaestro

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    I love to depp but havnt done so for a couple or so months now. I depped a few times on Eastbourne Bandstand now to. I believe the council has givien over the running of the bandstand to a company now.