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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Eddy1234567, Jun 19, 2014.

  1. Eddy1234567

    Eddy1234567 Member

    Hi all,

    Just wondered what your opinion is on York instruments compared to the Buffet Bessons?

    The reason I ask is that I purchased on of the new Buffet Besson Prestige euphs when they were first released and I found it brilliant - top notch to play.
    Unfortunately I started having problems with it further down the line (3/4 years later) with what seemed to be build quality issues. Firstly the trigger fell apart (although great customer service from Besson with new parts shipped out immediately) valve inlays falling out - and what seemed to be a complete deterioration of the valves even though the euph was looked after in the main and had regular servicing. I also had a problem with what seemed to be very thin metal on the bell (although i know this is to improve sound quality) as the brace on the bell started to press into the bell and almost crumple the instrument. This happened twice without any drops bang etc and was at a great expense to repair on both occasions!

    I finally said goodbye to the instrument, although with reluctance as it was great to play and immediately started the search for a new one and happened to find a brand new York Eminence.

    To save a long story from being a huge one - I find this instrument so so good to play - Its almost as if the Prestige had something stuffed down it compared to this (and the prestige wasn't shabby)! It is so open and freely playing and sounds so much richer compared to the Besson. With it being a brand new instrument build quality can not yet be fairly compared to the Prestige but playing wise I think it is much nicer. Its a shame they no longer make them!

    I am just wondering what other peoples opinions are and their preferences between the two?

    Thanks guys.

  2. Chris Hicks

    Chris Hicks Member

    I'd say from my experience it'd be the other way round from yours. Owned a prestige, had to use a York which was nowhere near as good. Switched back to prestige as soon as I moved bands. I know that our baritone player has just got a new besson because the York baritone he was using was awful. Poor quality and constantly needing repairing.
  3. kriseuph

    kriseuph Member

    I found the same i brought a prestige euph in 04, and from the start found it a pig of a thing to blow! Seemed to be so hard to blow. The valves had a mind of there own and took far to much to get them right, (two trips back to normans and hours of cleaning).
    I try'd a york eminence at pontins and brought one 2009/2010 and from the first time i blow it i new it was in a different league. its a pleasure to play !!
  4. Ianroberts

    Ianroberts Well-Known Member

    But those valves still have a mind of their own though eh kris ;););)
  5. kriseuph

    kriseuph Member

    Wondered where you were master Jedi! My valves have a mind of there own in a good way now !!
  6. Ianroberts

    Ianroberts Well-Known Member

    Improve in time you will my young padawan
  7. halsasaurus

    halsasaurus Member

    I bought a York 4 Valve Baritone back in 2008. I struggled with sticking valves and had it fixed at McQueens. The problem moved from 1st to second to third and finaly to the fourth valve but once sorted it was a beautiful instrument to play and with a lovely tone. I have had the odd niggle with valves since when the Valve Riders finally wore out and so the valves were not fixed in place by guides. I have tried out the new Bessons (Sovereign?) a couple of times but just cannot make the same sound. I also found it uncomfortable for my right hand thumb as I kept getting it stuck because of the really small gap available to use.

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