Besson Sovereign Cornet

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    Am lookin to sell my Bb Sovereign cornet as I am now playing on an instrument from band. There are some small scratches on the inside of the bell and the laquer has slightly come off around the first valve but other than that it's cosmetically fine and there is nothing at all wrong with the playing

    Product Information:

    Bore: 11.84mm.
    Bell diameter: 124mm.
    Bell rim rolled and soldered over brass wire - adds strength and protection to bell.
    Weight: 1.10kg.
    Rose brass bell - promotes darker sound.
    3 centre sprung stainless steel valves.
    2 water keys featuring synthetic rubber seals - gives optimum seal.
    Precision fitted slides.
    Nickel silver inner valve slides.
    1st and 3rd valve triggers.
    Supplied in silver plate as standard - lacquer available on request for a small additional premium - please contact us for details.
    Deluxe plush lined moulded case

    I'm lookin for £700 ono