Besson Sovereign Bb Large Bore Cornet

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    Hello all, selling this for my Mum, though on Ebay I have made out it's mine just to make things easier!!

    Hope you find it of interest, it's a lovely cornet.

    Besson Sovereign Cornet in Silver plate. Very good condition and overhauled only today by Norman's of Burton to prepare it for this sale

    Unsure of it's age, I have been the proud owner for around 4 years and it plays really nicely. As a large bore, it is easy to blow and has a lovely sound and great intonation.

    There is a wear mark on the bell stem adjacent to the valve case around 20mm in length (see photo) and a couple of very minor wingdings, but you'll have to look long and hard to find them.

    The slides move easily, the triggers have been re-springed today and the valve action is incredible

    This lovely instrument comes with 2 cases, one is the original Besson hard brown case, with room for mutes, music and of course a pencil or two! Also, I am including 2 Denis Wick mutes, a straight metal mute and a cup mute and also a Denis Wick 4b mouthpiece.

    To top the lot off, I throw in a brilliant, lightweight gig bag, which cost over £50 alone.

    So that's it!! If you're a serious amatuer, a semi-pro, a serious enthusiast or, just want to get your own back on the neighbours, here's the full package!!!

    Oh, and don't forget...only 12 weeks to CHRISTMAS!!

    Please follow the link, all the best. Mark :)

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