Besson Sovereign 981 EEb tuba for sale

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    It with some regret that I am selling my Besson 981 EEb, but since a shoulder injury earlier this year, I no longer find it comfortable to hold, so am now exclusively playing rotary valve tubas.

    The instrument is serial number 981-751131 which I believe dates it from 1988 when Besson were still made by skilled craftsmen. I purchased it in 1992 and up to a couple of years ago used it as my sole tuba for brass band, concert band, orchestra, quintets, solos, etc. It has a lovely mellow tone and can easily project through the largest of orchestras. It is one of the rare "John Fletcher" models with leadpipe going almost straight from the valves which makes it freer blowing than Bessons' with the standard "swan-necked" leadpipe. Of the many Besson EEb's I have played over the years, this one is by far the best player. The valves are all trouble free and the slides move freely.

    Two years ago the tuba was fully overhauled and relacquered by Mark Carter at Mr.Tuba. Since then it has only sustained one very slight dent (too minor to photograph) to the bottom bow and a few lacquer scratches, so the tuba is in virtually new condition - in fact better than when I originally bought it.

    I am selling the tuba for £2,650 (including original Besson wheeled case and Bach 24AW mouthpiece) which is the price I paid for it 14 years ago. So with inflation over the years, that is a bargain price! I have a "real leather" gig bag for it which I would be prepared to sell for an additional £75.

    Due to risk of damage in transit, the tuba must be collected, or I am prepared to deliver to within 100 miles of Andover, Hampshire where the tuba is located.

    Any enquiries to

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    My Besson 981 is now SOLD

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