Besson Sovereign 968 Euphonium

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  1. River

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    Selling my euphounium to finance another instrument! She's a beautiful thing, well cared for, just needs a new home. Honestly not sure what to price her at, just looking to get what I can. Comes with 2 mothpieces, a lyre, gig bag and hard case if required.

    Located in Gloucester, although I'm happy to courier for the postage.

    I'll answer any questions I can!

    Ok, pictures added (after much stress), including one of the serial number. I'll check out the age in a moment!

    **Edit Edit**
    Looks like the serial number places it being made in 1989.

    Please feel free to PM me or post here if you want any more details.

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  2. 2nd tenor

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    Just a suggestion, a fuller indication of age, finish (brass or silver plate) and condition would be helpful. A couple of photos would be nice too and maybe a telephone number or email address. No criticism intended, just trying to help.

    I'm not a Euphonium player (far too hard for me) but if I were then eBay completed sales would give me an indication of selling prices. Good luck.
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  3. River

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    Thankyou! Give me 5 minutes and I'll have the details....


    Done. Please see above.
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