Besson prestige cornet on ebay

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by julian, Jul 1, 2012.

  1. julian

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    Hi, Not quite sure if this is the right place to post this?
    You might be watching a prestige cornet on ebay - or bidding - currently £750+
    It might be completely O.K. - and I hope that it is, but for me it just rings alarm bells - a £2000 cornet that 'I found under my kids bed while I was having a bit of a clear out' as a reason for selling.
    I have emailed the seller asking if they have proof of ownership or could tell me where it was purchased from - but as yet have not had a reply.
  2. julian

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    I have now had a reply that the cornet was bought at a car boot sale approx 6 years ago for a child and has been in their toy box until now. Despite asking I have not been told its serial number.
  3. Cornet Luke

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    Sounds very dodgy to me...
    Where is the location? I've heard of a few burglaries around the UK in the last month or so?
  4. DRW

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    It looks in extremely bad condition to me; like it's had use by a child that didn't appreciate it. Perhaps bought for them from a wealthy grandparent? Doesn't look like stolen goods damage to me. Any serious buyer of this I'm sure will be a restorer or someone willing to get it straightened out.
  5. Does the seller have good feedback? (can't currently check it myself as I don't have access ebay at work :-( )

    I have bought/sold more than 4000 items on ebay over the past ten years, and found that a well established positive feedback record (say more than a year) is a good indication of an honest seller.
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  7. dizzystinker

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    Has anyone reported this, if it is genuine I'm sure the seller won't mind?!?