Besson Prestige Cornet For Sale

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by cbridge, May 2, 2007.

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    I am looking for similar but cannot afford that price at the moment, therefore looking for one in well used but OK condition. (A few dents or such where it doesn't matter ETC but much cheaper) Sorry!!
  4. leisa

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    The cornet is in excellent condition and has already been reduced in price once, due to not been sold, it won't be reduced again, sorry!
  5. BackRowQueenie

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    Can you tell me what the reason is for selling it please??

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    I am not interested in buying your cornet, but feel like I must mention that this particular instrument is the "Dogs Gonads" of all cornets. Why you want to sell it is understandable if it is indeed just not being used, but seriousely, this is one brilliant instrument, and anyone buying it will be well pleased. I have a Prestige Euph and I cannot fault it. If I were you, I wouild hang on to it for awhile as I am sure it will appreciate in value due to the Buffet-Crampon episode.
  8. Kiz7

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    So, Bandsman1, have you tried all the other leading brands of cornet before coming to this conclusion, or are you sponsored by Besson???!!!
  9. zak

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    Well said!!!! I said the same on a similar euphonium thread today. Not sure this person knows what is/isn't a good instrument by their sweeping pro besson statements! ;)
  10. stephenmrry

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    agree with last two comments personally i dont like the prestige at all! In partiular the weird trigger on first valve. Im a yamaha man but have tried a few brands and yamaha is for me but certainly would besson are advertising here haha
  11. leisa

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    yeah, i didn't like it personally and had broght a yamaha xeno which i much prefer hence why we were selling the prestige!! I needed the money for the prestige to pay for the xeno and i very much doubt it would have gone up in value if i had left it mosre likely decreased in value!!!

    Anyway it sold for £800 so happy now anyway :-D

    sorry for anyone else who was interested we probably should have put that it was sold earlier on!!!