Besson or York ?

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    i'm looking to change my euphonium, i'm currently playing a prestige and i'm wondering if anyones got any feed back on the 'new' bessons and york euphonium as i'm sat on the fence and not sure which way to go stick with besson or try some thing different.

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    I assume that by saying your currently playing a prestige you mean the pre buffet-crampon model?
    I play one of the newer prestiges and it plays a dream. I did have initial concerns with the amount of resistance it seemed to have but with time have grown used to it, and it sings out the top notes really well.
    I would try the York eminence (although several people i know have all had trouble with their valves long and short term). If you are going to shell out for a new euph, it is worth trying any your interested in as it is all about what works for you. I would also try the Sterling as they prouduce a fab sound yet i still think the Prestige edges it.
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    Ive tried several york euphoniums and all have had some fault i would strongly recommend not going for a york
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    not a euph player but played many cornet and tenor horns and always foung Yorks to be some of the best I've played (and that includes York, Besson, B&H, Yamaha, Sterling etc)
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    If you are going to try a york there are some faults to look for when trying . There are some listed on the rehearsal room and on the brass forum and on the euphonium forum
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    Before anyone reads or listens to anything "foxmdm" posts - ya really want to do yourself a favor and read the following 1st

    The guy has been practically laughed off of every brass forum in that hemisphere for his trolling regarding York products.

    End of public service announcement :)
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    OK Mr. Expert (sorry don't know your real name, as you hide behind foxmdm1), after your last 20+ York bashing posts, what Euphonium do you recommend, and why?

    Mark H.
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    OK enough about foxmdm1 - I think they have had plenty of fodder for their particular form of trolling in the threads already mentioned here.

    Now if anyone has anything constructive to say about both York and Besson euphs I'm sure the original poster will be glad to hear them.
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    Sorry Ian, point taken. :tup
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    An attempt to steer this thread back on course...

    I am not a euphonium player, but my advice to anyone considering buying an instrument is to work out your budget, and then get hold of as many of the instruments within that budget that you can, and try them for as long as possible. You may be surprised at the outcome - something you didn't even consider may the right instrument for you.

    EDIT: (cross posted) No problem Mark :tup
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    Hi Kris, If you get in touch with Glyn Williams (Principle Euphonium at Fodens Band), I'm sure he would help you make the right choice. Glyn has his own business, Glyn Williams Musical Instruments. Glyn's email:

    Good Luck,
    Mark H. ;)
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    I guess as someone sensibly suggested above that if you try Glyn Williams he's got access to 4 separate companies for euphs Sterling, Besson, Yamaha and York (in no particular order, just as listed on his website :))
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    The Best Euphonium

    Hi everyone,

    I recently bought a new Sterling Euph from MrTuba in south Wales,
    it's by far the best instrument I have ever played.

    He had a Besson , York and a few different model Sterlings to try
    and I just picked out the instrument I liked to play best.

    The Workmanship is great,

    The service was fantastic,

    So, Give a Sterling a try.
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    Poor source/advice

    Ignore advice from this source-he has proved that his knowledge is non-existent and that he makes stupid statements which he is unable/unwilling to back up. He obviously has an alternative agenda. Try them for yourself is my advice-this is the only true test.
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    I give up. Is it national mod bashing day?

    I've had enough of this - next time feel free to delete the posts, decide the best way to deal with the situation, write the PM, report back to the rest of the team, follow up any other PMs etc yourself, all in your own time and just because you want the site to succeed, because I ain't doing it anymore if this if is the kind of thanks I get.
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