Besson New Standard 4-valve EEb Bass

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    The Instrument is Besson New Standard 4 valve EEb Bass (614 model).

    I purchased the instrument last year intending to use it for various wind band work. However i am now selling as the brass band i play for often ask me to play on bass and so they have provided me with a new bass (I often prefer to use this Besson as i believe it to be far more controlable than a Soveriegn).

    For its age the instrument is in good conditon and does play very well.
    There are several minor dings to the intrument and a bigger dent on the 3rd valve tuning slide. However none of these effect the sound and general appearance of the instrument. All parts on the instrument that are supposed to move do, including all slides and screws. To my knowledge the instrument has had no obvious breakages or repairs.

    A size 3 mouthpiece is also included .

    Price: £1000

    For more information and pictures please email me: