Besson "New Creation" Trumpet

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  1. I have been asked to sell, on behalf of a friend, a Besson "New Creation" Trumpet. It dates back to the 1950s-60s and was fully restored and plated in the 1970s by Derek Farnell. Since then it has never been used. It comes with an Olds mouthpiece that has a shallow cup, so should be good for the high notes. These trumpets were used by the professionals in years gone by. It is made of heavy gauge brass and is silver plated. How much would you pay? I can send photos and anyone is free to come and give it a try.
  2. Does £250 seem too much?
  3. Andrew Norman

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    These normally sell on Ebay around £100 - £150.
    Good trumpets in their time and still nice to play if you like that vintage feel/sound.