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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by rosibroad, Dec 12, 2004.

  1. rosibroad

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    Is it me or are besson instruments somewhat lacking in their quality of finish?

    I have just brought a brand new besson sovereign tenor horn and must say i am very dissapointed with the general standard of finish to it, compared to my last sovereign horn on loan to me from my band brought about 8 yrs ago.

    The case looks cheap and tacky and i have what i can only describe as a moulding line right round the bell halfway down.

    Does anyone else agree that Besson have made better than they are now?

  2. Lauradoll

    Lauradoll Active Member

    The case looks cheap and tacky? Isn't it the same as the other sovereign ones though? And if you're not happy with the finish, take it back. Don't accept goods you're not happy with. Common sense?!!
  3. ComputerBloke

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    We got a load of Besson instruments with a lottery grant some years ago.
    They were total cack - bits dropping off - lacquer going brown and falling - valve caps not lacquered at all and corroding.
    I wouldn't ge one myself. I'll stick to my Getzen - blows like a dream - al least it would if I was any good at blowing it ;)
  4. babycornet1

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    besson inst

    i agree i got a besson international cornet not long ago and it wasnt worth what i paid for it. none of the slides fitted right and the trigger wouldnt even move out. besson have made a lot better it has certainly put me off from playing one.
  5. Steve

    Steve Active Member

    Generally, yes I think the standard is lower. Even with the new Prestige cornets / Euphs I havent met someone who says they are all top quality. About one in five I have tried are any good and that is their flagship. Standards are slipping but there are a few good ones coming out if you wait and search properly.
  6. Terrible Tuba

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    Correct me if I am wrong but I understand it that some instruments are made in Germany sent over in kit form and assembled here, Yes I have also noticed the poor quality in the manufacture of new instruments these days, also my son purchased a new cornet last year, and looked at 4 new instruments in the shop before he made a purchase as some of these also had a line around the bell. Unfortunately the manufacturers these days are more interested in profits than quality, no more TLC in hand made instruments, much to our detriment. Some of the students at our local uni have made recent purchases and seem to be very happy with their tenor horns so maybe the manufacturers could be getting there act together at last. Personnally I would prefer to buy a reasonble older instrument.
  7. Chris Sanders

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    I have a few Tenor Horns, my old B&H is the one I use regularly, I love it...

    In the last year I have played on three new Horns... I personally dont care about the cosmetics, however the performance of all three were very impressive...
  8. Cornet_player

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    Ive had to send my prestige cornet back to be replated and am now having it replaced due to plating issues. They always have looked perfect when I have had them back its always been after 12-18 months that I have had a problem.

    If you dont like the instrument send it back and complain!! Nothing will ever improve if you don't!!