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    Greetings all,

    I have decided to part with my Besson flugel. I no longer play it and I need the money to attend the 2009 Butlins. It is a Sovereign, model 947 GS. 6.3 inch bell, .457 bore, 1st and 3rd valve slides. The valves are stainless. The valves and all slides work beautifully. It is lacquer finish (I would rate it at 95% or better). It has had 2 dents in its life (both removed) and has just returned from a professional cleaning and going over. The original case is included as is a Denis Wick 2FL (gold plated). I am also including a K & M in bell stand. Please contact if more pictures are required. Asking price is $1,250 (USD) plus shipping/insurance. Thanks for looking.


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