Besson Enharmonic Euphonium

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    Just awaiting the arrival of a new 'toy' to add to my collection, a rare Besson 3v Enharmonic Euphonium. Euphoniums/?action=view&current=3venharm4.jpg Euphoniums/?action=view&current=3venharm5.jpg Euphoniums/?action=view&current=3venharm1.jpg

    I already have the 4v version;

    Taken from the idea of the full double French Horn (two sets of slides, long & short), the 3v version was extremely rare. The leadpipe leads into the 3rd. valve (on both models) which determines which set of slides air is passed through.

    As with the compensating system, the whole range of valved instruments (except Soprano Cornet) was available, the obvious weight problems when you get to tubas in this range must have been enormous, which is probably why only 3 valve models of those beasts were made.

    I look forward to restoring it and using it in a recital soon.


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