Besson Cornet 928-gs In Silver Plate

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    Hi All
    Anyone got any comments on what they think of this cornet. I have just started using one after 6 yrs on trumpet but find it to be a very large instrument to fill using a yamaha 16 E mouthpiece also seems to have a number of intonation problems on various notes.
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    I have been playing a 928 for about 6 years and found that using a 4B mouthpiece may improve your blowing.And,yes it is a large instrument to fill,but once you get used to it,you will enjoy it.At present I am playing on a Getzen 5B.

    Repiano Cornet with Cubbington Silver Band.
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    How old is it? I've heard a few times that more recent ones are not as good (or as well made) as the older ones. FWIW I use a large bore 928GS in silver plate, but it's at least 10 years old, and I'm very happy with it. I use a Denis Wick 3 mouthpiece though, I don't think it'd go too well with a small mouthpiece. My previous band used Cortois (sp?) cornets and although they were excellent I prefer the Sovereign - it has the best valves of any instrument I've ever tried, they hardly ever seem to need oiling. It has the old style valves with the plastic collars in, I'm not so keen on the modern ones with the T-pieces in, it seems very easy to put them in backwards.
    In the end it's down to personal preference. I wouldn't say no to a try on a new Xeno though........
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    Mine is probably the same as yours.As far as I know,it is well over 10 years old maybe older.I Know the guy who played it before me and he like myself had no problems with it.I certainly haven't had a problem since I have been playing it.I have found out that Phillip McCann designed the Yamaha Maestro based on the 928.Like you,I would love to blow the new Xeno.But my thoughts are;If you are happy with what youv'e got stick with it.As for m/pieces,most of my bands cornet players use Dennis Wick 4b's.

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    I've had the same 928 large bore for at least 15 years, bought from Fred Rhodes when they were still in Stretford. What an awesome instrument. I've never had a day's trouble with it (except when I dropped it and dented the bell), the valves are superb and the sound is ace. It's a bit unforgiving when you haven't practised, as they do take a bit of filling. I have three mouthpieces, an old Lewington McCann, a DW4 and a DW3. The McCann (I don't know if you can still buy these new?) is hard to get a really good ff on but gives a really warm sound all the time and is a lot less tiring to play. As an all round mouthpiece you can't beat a DW4 in these cornets, though.