Besson Cancel Their European Championships

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by johnflugel, Jun 2, 2005.

  1. johnflugel

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    Just read this on the BBW Website. Not a total surprise, but it seems common sense has prevailed. Hopefully the EBBA event in Belfast will be better than ever now.........

    Besson and Kapitol cancel 2006 European Championships
    On the recommendation of Kapitol Promotions Ltd, Besson Musical Instruments Ltd has decided not to proceed with its plans for the Besson European Brass Band Championships in 2006.

    The decision by Besson to lay its European Brass Band Championships dormant, at this time, has involved considerable deliberation by both Kapitol Promotions and Besson about the position of potential competitors which, it is anticipated, would be pressured to attend the European Contest inaugurated by the European Brass Band Association (EBBA), as well as the official Besson European Brass Band Championships.

    In reaching this decision, Besson's Managing Director, John Rogers, commented: "The appointed manager of the event, Kapitol Promotions Ltd., has made good progress with the organisation of our European Championships, but it has become increasingly evident that bands would be put in the difficult position of having to choose between attending the Besson European Brass Band Championships and EBBA's new European Brass Band Contest. Kapitol Promotions has convinced us that this would not be in the interests of European brass banding."

    John Rogers added: "We very much appreciate the work and vision that Kapitol has invested into the Besson European Brass Band Championships so far and fully intend that the Company will continue to play a key role in our plans for future brass band-related events."
  2. persins

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    Its a bit of a shame that the contest has been cancelled although it does make sense that there is only one European championship.
    Was there much of an overlap for the invited bands?
  3. johnflugel

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    As I do not know what was said behind closed doors, I would not want to suggest whether EBBA or Besson were in the wrong. I am just pleased there is one championship now. I mean for e.g if Dyke went to one, YBS the other and both won, who would be European Champion?

    Could be a belter next year (perhaps the strongest line up yet) with the potential of Eikanger, YBS, Dyke, Cory, Willebroek plus another top British band (through the Nationals).......
  4. brasscrest

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    The best thing about this, from my perspective, is that the "big money" of Besson seems to have been beaten by common sense. I suspect that many of the "name" bands may have followed BAYV's lead and offered support to the EBBA, albeit not as publicly.
  5. brassneck

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    I personally feel the top flight bands cannot budget for both contests. If they ran together both events would suffer as a consequence. Resources from the European countries should ideally be merged with the co-operation of EBBA to promote the festival as a flagship model for band music worldwide with choice venues and facilities to encourage it's success. Possibly establishing some sort of Youth Band Championship on a regular basis may secure it's growth and stability for years to come.
  6. PeterBale

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    Pragmatism rules at last: as has been said, bands were most unlikely to support two championships in a year, and most were clearly firmly in the EBBA corner. As John says, roll on Belfast 2006 and, even more so, Birmingham 2007.

    (Just as an aside, what now about the promise of a place in the Besson/Kapitol European for the Masters winner?)
  7. lynchie

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    so they've finally worked out what everyone else has been saying since they thought it up? Excellent work...
  8. postie

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    It is nice to the see that Besson have discovered some common sense at last!!!!
  9. persins

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    Indeed Peter, I was thinking about that too!

    How frustrating would that be? Almost makes me glad to have come 13th so as not to feel that frustration! Almost!!! Actually, I'm lying! I would have still liked to win it!!!!