Besson BE120 2- 0 model Help

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Les Temby, Feb 24, 2016.

  1. Les Temby

    Les Temby New Member

    Hi everyone
    I was wondering if someone could help solve a little problem, I was looking at a new silver plated Besson BE120 2-0 and noticed that the end part of the bell was painted white hence not fully plated does anyone know why, is it a new fad or has something not gone right during the plating process.
    Thank you in advance for any help.

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  2. Euphonium Lite

    Euphonium Lite Active Member

    Dereham, Norfolk
    Les - is that a stock picture or something off ebay?
    To me it's just a reflection of white against silver plate - I dont think its been painted.....having said that if you've seen this in the "metal" then I dont know - sounds like something someone may have done for effect
    Other possible option is a neoprene rimguard - Ive seen them on basses and euphs but dont know that you'd need them on a cornet - you wouldnt usually keep it stood on its bell....
  3. Les Temby

    Les Temby New Member

    Many thanks for the reply I have one here now with me and it's definitely looks like the photo just a ring of white paint or something hand brushed on, plus this is a spanking brand new cornet straight out of the box, the photo was from an international sellers site and was better at depicting the white mark than my own photos, I've never come across this after 40/years of cornet playing, the UK seller I received this from this morning seems a little baffled too
  4. Les Temby

    Les Temby New Member

    Well I finally found out why the white ring.
    When they finish the bell, they solder a wire ring to the end to avoid it being damaged if dropped. During this process, it seems as though Besson apply a white ring to avoid damaging the finish. However, when they then bend the wire ring around the end of the bell, they have left the white ring attached.

    So beware if you buy BE120 2-0 check the bell if it has a white ring leave it where it is. Somehow Besson quality control is not what it should be, youtube is full of videos showing top players testing the high end models perhaps its time for Besson to pay for someone to check the student ones too after all this is a major market and where all of us start off plus with the amount of competition in this market surely they want the biggest share they can get.
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  5. Gordon Miller

    Gordon Miller New Member

    Ashford, Kent
    Hi Les

    I've just received my BE120 and it has the same issue. How did you remove the white ring?


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