Besson 982 Eb For Sale

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Peach, Jan 6, 2009.

  1. Peach

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    Besson 982 in Silver.
    S/N 982-817XXX
    Yours for £2,000 - plus any shipping. (Today that's c.$3,000 US. E2,200 Euro. This could change with the wind as exchange rates do).

    Located in Chester, England. Anyone can come to try should they choose.

    This is the best Eb I own and I'd keep it if I didn't need the cash! I have an old B&H which will suffice for now.

    The tuba plays extremely well from top-to-bottom.
    4th valve register is more open than average and the response is excellent; slots well. Easy, clear high range - even the high Ab is there with a bit of persuasion...

    See photos for better description of condition than I can describe.

    Valves in super condition - quick and quiet.
    All moving parts do so and everything else stays put!

    Only negatives are with cosmetics. Bottom bow has certain amount of flattening to the inner side but the bow-guard/cap are straight so any dents could be easily removed. Few other little knocks. 3rd valve slide is parallel to body (these frequently get pushed in) and both bottom bow ferrules are round.
    The silver is worn on the right hand bow. I put a Paxman leather guard there which I'll include if you like.
    Case is very functional but in "been travelled with" condition with some cracks in the plastic. Amazingly the wheels are in brilliant condition!

    All enquiries by Email please.
    Looking for sale rather than a trade but if you have something interesting, let's talk.
    Pencil with clip and the Arnold Fantasy are available at extra cost (£1,000ono).



  2. Peach

    Peach Member

    To clarify: High Ab Concert = High F Treble Clef Eb
  3. john 994

    john 994 New Member

    My email address is info@
    I would like to buy the tuba for £2000. and collect at a time to suit you.You can have Paypal, cheque ( to clear before collection ) or even cash at a push. Is this O.K.

  4. john 994

    john 994 New Member


    Sorry ignore that offer for the tuba - it was the wrong instrument


  5. Peach

    Peach Member

    Ha! No worries David.

    It's still here if your other deal falls through.
    Played it last night and it's a great instrument...

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