Besson 43rd National Band Championships of Ireland

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    The Irish Association of Brass & Concert Bands (IABCB) is delighted to announce the conclusion of a sponsorship agreement with Besson for the forthcoming 43rd National Band Championships of Ireland. The “BESSON 43rd National Band Championships of Ireland” will be held in the University Concert Hall, Limerick on 29th & 30th March. This year the Championships will see over a thousand musicians from all parts of the country compete for the title of National Band Champions 2008.

    Commenting on the deal, IABCB public relations officer John Kelly said “The National Band Championships of Ireland is the premier event for Brass & Concert Bands on the Island. It was therefore important for us to find a main sponsor with a strong band heritage and a reputation for quality. There is no question but the Championships will benefit enormously from the quality of this relationship with Besson, who have been synonymous with brass bands for over a century”.

    The 2008 Championships will be the biggest such event in Ireland since the WASBE world conference in Killarney last summer. “We are looking forward to welcoming as many of our international friends and colleagues back to Limerick for what promises to be a thrilling weekend of music-making” says John. As is usual, there will be an extensive trade display at the Championships where the new range of highly acclaimed Besson instruments will be on display.

    The Championships begin on Saturday 29th March in the University Concert Hall, Limerick. Tickets are available at the door.

    Further details of the Championships can be found on the IABCB website ( or by contacting the Association directly at
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