Besson 408 Bb/F Trombone

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    Hi. I was lucky enough to purchase a Besson A Class Academy 408 Bb/F Trombone on ebay a couple of weeks ago.

    I have been trying to locate the year it was made but havent had any luck.

    The Trombone itself is in mint condition and seems bullet-proof, good job really as it was originally bought by the military and used by them up until recently.

    The serial number is 413552 and judging by the "coffin style" case I would gestimate it was made somewhere near the late 60's.

    I bought the Trombone as a spare should my Bass Trombone "go down" and although it is a small bore instrument I think I can purchase a mouthpiece adaptor so my Stork 1S can be used.

    Does anyone have any info they can share about this particular instrument or comments about it doubling up as a Bass Trombone substitute when absolutely needed?

    Many thanks in advance.
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    According to Stewart Stunell, this was a complete family of professional trombones. Members ranged in size from "Alto through medium/small Tenors, medium bore Tenors, medium/large Tenors to large bore Tenors and Bb/F Bass trombones". Model numbers were 401 thru 409. Made in late 1950's early 1960' forerunners of the Besson International series.

  3. Gtrom

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    Many thanks for the info Trombo.

    That puts the trombone 10 years before my estimation.

    Incidentally I used to play a Besson "Globe" double plug Bass Trombone which according to your info appears to be the "son" of the Academy models.

    Thanks once again.

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