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    I'm staggered by this. What's gone wrong, I wonder?
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    I suppose taking it on face value it is just lack of players.
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    I guess that players won't turn up week in , week out to practice. No commitment or sense of belonging
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    Players being paid more at other bands more like. root of all evil paying players.

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    Specific at that particular band is hard to know but there are many top class bands in that (Manchester) area competing for suitable players. I think this thread links to the recent larger one about bands going to the wall in which many reasons were given.

    Whilst the comment is more general I've always thought that if bands do not actively draw in potential players - whether youngsters or older people - then eventually they will end up with empty seats. The bands that survive into the future need to have fourty or more players some of which are invited to play in concerts and contests. Mellingriffith ( provide an example of what is possible in a some places - I have no association with that band.
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    Too many bands. Not enough players. I don't know the area but a brief look at Google shows me the band is in the proximity of a number of similar outfits. Maybe a pragmatic solution for brass bands in that area who struggle for players would be to merge. The Bessgate band? Or maybe the Youth Band should become Besses, they seem to be doing well looking at the contest results? Why has the Youth Band kept its players? Shouldn't they of gone up to the senior band, that is what usually happens isn't it. It does in my band anyway. MMF
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    the boys seem to have the beating of the men

    What is/was the relationship between the 2 bands?
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    I agree that the other thread has some interesting discussion: but this is Besses we're talking about, one of the oldest and most famous bands in the country/world.
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    OK, fair point, who actually knows? What I was trying to say is that what has happened at Besses is likely to be symptomatic of what is happening to the rest of banding.

    It would be good if someone nearer to the band (perhaps a member, recent member or friend of the band) could tell us why Besses has the problems it now has. In the meantime I’m inclined to think that Classicbrass’s answer is probably nearest the mark (.... that players won't turn up week in, week out to practice. No commitment or sense of belonging).
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    Their website doesn't seem to have a link or anything to the boys band which seems a bit odd, maybe they are totally separate. Judging from the link, Besses were incredibly successful, certainly pre 1930's it would be a great shame if they did fold up. I hope things pick up for them (like Dinnington a few years ago) hopefully without depriving other bands of players.
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    Besses Boys was originally set up post 2nd World War as a feeder band when Besses o' th' Barn was ravaged in a similar way to other things in the country.

    Over the years, the bands started to follow separate paths and are now (and have been for a while) two distinct entities.
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    Very sad.
    A friend of mine conducted them for a short while a few years back, and at that time they were still in the championship section. He tried to make some changes and bring in a number of players, but met with significant resistance. This may or may not have a bearing on the present day state of affairs but it makes you question their thinking for the longer term. They appear to have had more conductors than a 'banana republic' has had presidents. Perhaps one or two of these might give their take on the situation ? Hopefully in a constructive way.

    With regard to the Boys band, they do seem to have a number of older members, but they also have a very effective, hard working and enthusiastic MD and management team, so good luck to them.( They will need it if they come up against EBBW VALLEY next year ).

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    A quick look on Google maps tells you this is a real mystery! Famous name, near a motorway, near transport infrastructure. A stones throw from 2 citys and 3 big towns. A band room, a full set of instruments near to 2 music colleges and one of the biggest music teaching "hubs" in the country. Something has gone drastically wrong!