Besses o'th' Barn Band research - ex Players/Members Records

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    Besses is approaching its Bicentenary Year in 2018. We know that it has had name changes over the past 200 years and was not a true "Brass Only" Band until 1853 but we are working from the Original Hampson Besses Biography covering 1818 - 1892 - why not (Hampson actually intimates that the origins of Besses go back into the late 1700's but that would be stretching it a bit too far)
    Many people have researched the history of Besses and we have built on this work as we have tried to complete the most Comprehensive Collection of facts and figures possible
    For any ex Players / Members there is a database of over 500 names with details from the early days on 1818 and Cleggs Reed Band
    Go to the Besses Website
    Seach under "Members" and choose "Previous Members"
    You can then search by name to see if you are there, and check that your details are correct
    Please mail us with any corrections, additions or removals