Besses Open Rehearsal a Terrific Success

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  1. The eagerly awaited Open Rehearsal at Besses o’th’ Barn took place at the band room in Whitefield on Tuesday March 11th.

    After all the hard work the band put in the rehearsal totally exceeded all expectations as the band room became filled to capacity.

    The rehearsal was due to start at 8:00pm, however with such a massive over subscription of the event the Baton didn’t come down until ten past. The band must have been of over eighty players!

    Once the massed band had settled they rehearsed and performed Knight Templar, Prelude on the 49th Parallel and finished the evening, after some condensed rehearsing, with a complete performance of Blitz.

    The rehearsal then ended slightly earlier than normal so people could mingle, catch up, reminisce, discuss the future and have a well earned pint.

    Speaking after the event, conductor John North said “Many people have worked very hard to make the evening a success, however none of us expected such a fantastic response. The sound was amazing. With so many quality players around the stand giving a musical demonstration of the true high regard they hold Besses the experience was musically fantastic – I feel privileged to have been involved and wish to personally thank each of the players who made the effort to show they care”.

    Due to the success of the event it is likely to become a regular and popular fixture on the Besses calendar.

    Secretary, Jean Hayes said “After the disappointment of not being able to compete at the areas, due to us missing a few players, this event was a real boost for the band and we have already had a good few enquiries from new players wanting to join. It was also fantastic to see some old friends. We can now look forward to bursting back onto the scene at the Spring Festival. However there are still a couple of gaps still available so if there are any players who feel they would like be part of the revival, we would love them to get in touch”.

    Contact details are on the band website:
  2. Besses Open Rehearsal: Thanks

    Just a quick post to say a Big Old Thanks to everyone who made the effort to come to the open rehearsal last Tuesday.


    I appreciate all the effort everyone made and hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.

    Hope to see some of you again!


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    I would just like to say that even though I have nothing to do with Besses I am really pleased to hear that the open rehearsal was a success! :clap:

    It would have been a tragedy for this great name in banding to have sunk!
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    Seconded^ - looking forward to seeing one of banding's legendary names back near the top of the results soon :clap:
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    Good to see a load of old friends and nice to meet a load of new people too, enjoyed it.
    All the very best to Besses, see you soon.
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    Good to hear one of the oldest traditions of Brass Bands i sgoing strong.

    Good luck in your recruitment drive.
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    thanks to everyone who came, and thanks for all your positive and kind commets!
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    Regarding the sacking of John North recently.

    Having seen the news article on 4BR regarding the loss of John North from Besses, I feel I must put the record straight.

    John was finished by certain minority members of the committee without first consulting the members of the band. John was without doubt the most energetic and enthusiastic conductor I have ever played under and the decision to sack him was probably the most stupid act I have ever seen. Especially when you consider that just a few short months earlier, there were so few members that the disbanding of the band was a real threat, but John dragged it away from the precipice and was probably single handedly responsible for; the band competing in the Senior Trophy at Blackpool with only 2 borrowed players, responsible for 2 VERY successfull concerts in Sedbergh and Lanercost, and there were more players who were ready to commit full time to the band. Unfortunately, they have now said that will no longer do so and the band has already lost several existing players because of this mindless act, including the secretary of many years, Jean Heyes.

    Had the "spokesperson" for the band really meant to offer their heartfelt thanks then, why was he sacked? As for being "in the midst of re-building"....that certainly is true now, because it is this writers opinion (of over 45 yrs experience) and also that of the majority of the few players that are left, that the end of this once great band is nearer than the current committee are prepared to admit.

    Jim Owen
    Besses O' th' Barn Band