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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by lister89, Jun 12, 2005.

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    I must say I find it rather strange to have the opportunity to become a patron of the band appearing on an auction site. If there is not much interest you could find yourselves sending out a pair of free tickets to those who have only paid a pittance, and I wonder what other patrons who have made a more realistic contribution will think of it.
  3. Only time will tell. However, it is unlikely to offend other patrons as aside from people intimately involved with the running of the band there are very few, if any!
  4. Ruthless

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    Interesting that so far only the Top man:clap: , Prin Euph and Prin Eb Bass have been sponsored. Will anyone ever sponsor the Soprano or the trombones?:confused: ......
  5. sevenhelz

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    that's cause Euphs just rock, and mebbe the next best thing is Eb Bass.........

  6. Band_Beefcake

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    Think everyone should sponser the 2nd bari seat, its such an overlooked yet vital seat Lol:sup

    Hopefully will get some money in so let the auction begin
  7. brassybabe

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    And don't forget bumper up!!!!! ;)
  8. Heather

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    15p isn't going to go far!
  9. lister89

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    I'm worth 1p at the moment... LOL!!! At least I've got a bid though :)
  10. sevenhelz

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    ooh, don't you feel special now you're over a tenner?!
  11. brassybabe

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    yeah im not happy with that miss stallybrass. me thinks ur family may have something to do with that.
    come on people bid for me. hehe
  12. lister89

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    Nope... what can I say... the public just love me ;) Well ok, it was someone I know to be fair but still not bad £10.50 :D

  13. sevenhelz

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    me and my sister (who used to play horn) have both linked to the principal euph on livejournal, so some random bidding may start :)
  14. lister89

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    lol... Dan wondered who it was bidding for him!
  15. Chunky

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    When I just looked the Principal Bb Bass was the highest amount bidded for! Recognition for the most important instrument in any band at last!!!
  16. Euphman69

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    Well you don't know me :cool: and you're currently mine! :D
  17. brassybabe

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    Euphman69, u do realise u dont actually get to keep lizzie?? hehe
    Im on £10 so far, keep the bids coming people.:D
  18. brassybabe

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    Just the one day left now guys. All the auctions end at 6pm tonight apart from three so if you miss ure chance today, you've got till 2morrow night to bid on the non-musicians, but still very important personel at Besses...including the Bar manager, Transport manager and even the Flugal horn :p sorry lizi, had to be done lol

    These days its had to find two tickets for less than £5 but thats the kind of price that a few of the seats are going at - plus you'll get all that free information and become a member on our prestigious Role of Patrons! Now how can you miss out on a chance like that huh?

    Anyway, i'll leave the link here and hopefully it'll niggle at you all day...even if you raise a bid by £ alll counts!

    Thanks in advance,

  20. brassybabe

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    I couldn't have said it better myself Tim.
    Come on people you have less than 8hours to bid.