Besses Launch Clothing Range

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  1. Besses o'th' Barn band are pleased to announce a fantastic range of Besses branded clothes and accessories, so if you've played for the band in the past or aspire to play for them in the future you can log on the their website ( click the Buy Besses Clothing button and choose from the exciting range.
    Speaking about her new project, head of merchandise, Roxanne North said 'I'm really excited about our range of clothing - this is one of the many things we're doing to get Besses back on the map and show that we're a different band these days. The range show's we can be committed but also full of fun. There will be further additions to the range so it's worth checking back regularily to see if there's something new you can't resist! - Also, if there any suggestions for new lines - please get in touch via our website'.
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    Has Roxy designed them? This should be worth seeing...
  3. Have a look then...............

    totally worth seeing - and buying!


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