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    Over the last 5 years Besses Boys Band has transitioned from a youth band into a band with a wide age demographic. The band has enjoyed an exciting 4 years on the contest front, winning numerous contests and progressing from the 4th section to a third place finish in the 2nd section at the NW areas in March. After concentrating on tours to Germany and Cornwall in the last 2 summers the band is now keen to promote the band to a wider audience and hold concerts across the country.

    The band is still keen to produce new players from the community and the Besses Boys Youth Brass Band gives people of all ages the chance to learn to play an instrument.

    To support this activity the band has appointed Paul Garrett as Band Manager. Paul’s role will be to look for new concert and business opportunities for the band. Recent concerts Paul has organised have been held in St James’s Park – London, Penrith and St Austell’s. Future plans include a Christmas concert in Lincoln and concerts in York, Scarborough and Durham in 2016. The bands website will also be refreshed to mirror the new image.

    Neil Matthews, Besses Boys Chairman said: “Besses Boys Band has a long and proud history of taking young people mainly from the local area - Bury in Greater Manchester, and developing their musical skills as brass musicians or percussionists and we are proud to see so many of our 'Old Boys' continuing as amateur or professional musicians when they leave us. However the Band has now reached a level in the brass banding world where it has to shed its 'youth' band status. This doesn't mean we are forgetting our roots however, with over half the band still studying at either school or college.”

    Musical Director James Holt said: “During the 10 years I have been with the band we have ran extremely well with a continuously strong committee made up mainly of supportive parents - without their support the band would not be in the position we are now. We have made great strides on both the concert and contest platforms in recent years and have seen a change in our membership - attracting new, more experienced players who seek an active involvement in the running of the band. Working alongside our current committee I am confident that this new band working party will help the band continue to build and achieve.

    For further details please contact:

    Paul Garrett (Band Manager)
    Lee Forde (Press Officer)
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