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  1. Boner

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    soprano cornet from willobroek. anybody know which belgian band he is the conductor of?

  2. Jan H

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    Bert currently conducts 4 bands:

    Brass band Heist (Belgium, promoted to 2nd section)
    Brass band "Campine" Tielen (Belgium, promoted to 1st section)
    Fanfare "Onafhankelijkheid" Wiekevorst (Belgium, championship section but it's a fanfare band, not a brass band)
    Brass Band "Excelsior" Kloetinge (Netherlands, 1st section)

    Quite a busy guy ;-)
    However, here in the Low Countries all bands (including Willebroek) only rehearse once a week

    By the way, all three Belgian bands that Bert conducts became national champions last year!
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  5. Hi, does anyone knows some nice contests were I can play with my lower sections bands :)

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