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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Forest Gump, Jan 19, 2007.

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    nice to see Berry Hill on the web at last.

    I look forward to hearing you play at the GBBA Entertainnment Contest on the 4th of February.

    If you need any help with players on the day let me know.
  3. Forest Gump

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    Thanks Dave its been a while in the making, nobody else would do it so I had to have a go.All this computer stuff is a bit foreign to me, but it'll do for now.
    Believe it or not we're not doing that badly for player's,we need a Front row Cornet or Rep and a Soprano and thats all.Just Happy we got enouth to go.
    I ask the Cornets in our band for you, One might be able to help (pettycoat government permiting). Do you need him on the back or front row?
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    Stuart, PM me - I may be able to help you out regarding the contest as I am currently unregistered and will be there anyway (helping Lydbrook Training on Sop)


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