Bernay France with Haslemere Town Band

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Wonky_Baton, Sep 6, 2004.

  1. Wonky_Baton

    Wonky_Baton Active Member

    I am off to France this Friday with Haslemere Town Band. Really looking forward to it although the 700 mile round trip to Portsmouth to get the ferry knocks the gloss off a bit. It is years since I have toured with a band and staying with a French family sounds a right laugh - but maybe not for them. I will let everyone know how it goes anyway and if there are any tMPers from Haslemere band send me a PM with the music program and any decent places in Bernayto have a drink when we get there!!
  2. Philip Ingram

    Philip Ingram New Member

    I hope you enjoyed the tour even if it was all those years ago :)
    However I would just like to say that the band is off to Horb in Germany later on this year in August. The Horb town it's self is twinned with Haslemere town. I would just like to say that I hope everyone will have a good time and some up to date pictures for the website for me to upload wouldn't go a miss!

    The latest website is

    Thank you!
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