Bendix Kingswood Band makes changes

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    The Bendix Kingswood Band has made some big changes.

    The band has decided to change their name after parting with the Bendix Company some time ago. The band feels very much a part of the Kingswood community, so has decided to drop the "Bendix" name whilst strengthening its ties with Kingswood, becoming the "Kingswood Bristol Band".

    The band is also delighted to announce Ron Carr as their new Musical Director. Ron is actually an ex-player from the band, and is thus already well known and liked by players "around the stand".
    The third big change is a move to a new band room. The band now rehearses at The Park Centre in Kingswood. The Park Centre is an old school which has recently been refurbished and redecorated, and is now a community centre for the people of Kingswood.
    The band is putting the past behind them and looking forward to a thriving future, hopefully sharing many successful and enjoyable times in their new era.
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  2. jackocorn

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    Hey - good luck with all of that. Not sure people of Kinsgswood will like the Bristol addition? Bristol South Gloucestershire Band would be pretty c**p too though.

    At least stupid people will stop asking about b****y washing machines at every job you do - eh?

    My wife went to the Park School - is that a good thing??

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