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    Edit: For current vacancies and contact details, please see most recent posts

    Hello my name is Matthew Brannigan and I am the assistant musical director , and very recently there has been a brass band formed in Gorton by the name of Belle Vue Brass Band. We are a fully inclusive brass band and we have vacancies for players of all ages and abilities. Email myself at or contact Mr D V Fletcher on :0161 223 3472:biggrin: :clap:
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    Take Notice Of Belle Vue Brass Band

    We are entering a very busy time of the year , however, our plans are underway for Whit Friday 2008 in May with our march :"****"
    It seems that every time we go out on a engagement that people are taking notice of us and we have just recruited an experienced Euphonium player who used to play for Pemberton Old JJB Band.
    We are recruiting young and talented Musicians to take this progressive band forward. For further information please contact Mr D.V Fletcher on : 0161 223 3472:)

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    Band Manager Required :Belle Vue Brass Band

    Belle Vue Brass Band are looking to recruit a Band Manager to work with our entusiastic Management Team. In order to apply for this position with this energetic band you will need to be dedicated , and you do not really have to have any experience in managing a band. If this interests you then please email me @ or contact David Fletcher on :0161 223 3472:) :) :)
  4. Belle Vue Brass Band Has Vacancies

    Belle Vue Has The Following Vacancies for Whit Friday

    Solo Cornet
    Solo Horn
    2nd Horn
    Solo Trombone
    Bass Trombone
    Eb Bass

    Any Other players will be Most welcome........ Call 07745320870

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    Solo Cornet and Euphonium Required For Belle Vue Brass Band Est:2005

    Belle Vue Brass Band have vacancies for the following positions :

    Solo Cornet
    Flugal Horn
    Second Horn
    BBb Bass
    Eb Bass

    Or if you play any other instrument and would just like to come down for a blow,we would love to hear from you.We rehearse on Wednesday evenings at Saint Phillips Church Brookhurst Road ,Gorton Manchester. Rehearsal times are 8pm - 10pm.
    If you would like more information please contact Mr D.V Fletcher on :01612233472 or email myself at
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    Players required for Belle Vue Brass Band:2005

    Belle Vue Brass Band currently has vacancies for the folowing positions:
    Solo Cornet
    Soprano Cornet
    Flugal Horn
    Tenor Horn
    Solo /Second Trombone
    Bass Trombone
    Bb Bass
    Eb Bass

    If you are interested in aplying for any of the following postions email me at. or call me on 01432 278 202
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    Belle Vue Brass Band : Band Manager Required

    Belle Vue Brass Band is looking to recruit a Band Manager who has a hunger of building and establishing an already fantastic band in the heart of Manchester. The successful candidate need not already have any experience in the day to day running of the band as you will gain experience in working for the band, and you will have the opportunity to see your ideas come to light as we are very inclusive.
    If you think this position suits you email myself our web address
    My telephone number is:01432 278 202
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    Just a message that Mr D.V Fletcher has not been with Belle Vue Brass Band since June 2008 due to unforseen circumstances. All correspondance regarding the band will be dealt with myself , Band Manager and other team members. I do appologise personally if any people have been mislead by the information contained with this post . On behalf of the band as well we deeply regret some of the distress this has caused. Many thanks Matthew Brannigan 01432 278 202
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    Ref david fletcher, belle vue brass band

    from june 2008, mr. David fletcher ceased to be a member of belle vue brass band. Please do not contact him, as he is no longer a contact, nor member, nor linked in any other way to belle vue brass band.

    musical director
    mr. Peter brannigan.