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    Doing a take on " National Lampoons European Adventure" over the easter weeks.

    Can anyone suggest things to do & see around Belgium ? Probably there for 3 nights.
    Also, which area would be the best to stay in ?

  2. DaveR

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    I've stayed in Gent and Mechelen before now - both are lovely. Lots of bars selling dangerously good Trappist beer! Prepare for a headache :(
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    Go to Bruges and Ghent, they're both superb. Don't try and sight-see in Brussels, there's nothing there to see apart from the Grand Place. Concentrate on the bars and restaurants, there are loads of good ones down back streets nearby. If you're into walking the Ardennes is nice, if a bit flat. If you speak French in parts of Northern Belgium be prepared for a Deliverance type "you ain't from round here are ya boy" moment - same goes for Flemish in Wallonia. Just about the only thing that unites North and South Belgium is how much they loathe the Germans. Almost everyone speaks superb English, the kids grow up watching CBBC and MTV. On the off-chance that you fancy a beer (you never know, might happen) I can recommend Westmalle, Chimay Blue and Delirium Tremens - the latter is not a joke, it comes in a glass with pink elephants on it and if you drink too much you'll wake up in Marseille with some new tattoos and a few days missing from your life.

  4. i went to brussels bruges and ghent and the atomium in brussels was pretty cool. was probably the best thing to see. bruges and ghent were nice though...if i remember correctly! it was a few years ago now!!
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    Indeed, but Bruges might be a bit too touristy (is that a word?). Especially for somebody from the UK, Ypres and the surrounding area (war memorials everywhere) might also be good to visit. Other nice cities with historical buildings and cathedrals are Mechelen, Leuven and Antwerp. Leuven is a bit smaller, but there are lots of bars and restaurants, because it´s a university city. Antwerp is the biggest city of Flanders (500.000) and not all parts are as nice as the rest, but there sure is plenty of things to do and see. It´s kind of a trendy city, but the centre has the usual historicall buildings, bars and restaurants and several museums as well (a.o. the Rubens museum)

    There are some nice things to see as well as lots of good restauants in Brussels, but they are maybe difficult to find then in the smaller cities. But the best museums are in Brussels, especially the instruments museum with a lot of original Sax instruments! but also the comics museum (Tintin!) and the modern art museum (Rene Magritte, ...) are quite famous.

    Indeed. Please don´t try to speak French :wink: Just speak English...

    I think the only thing that unites the North and South is our royal family (although their first language is French and people in the North often make fun of their accent when speaking Dutch). Oh, we´re also united at the very rare opportunities that the National football team plays some good matches (that means, when they don´t play as appalingly as usual)

    a very good selection you made there! You named a couple of more common types, but there are plenty of others. There are a lot of small breweries all over the country that make these kinds of high/alcohol beers. 5 brands of beer are still made by monks in Abbeys. These are the official Trappist beers: Westmalle, Chimay, Rochefort, Westvleteren and Achel (yes, that´s where I´m from! :cool:)

    Contact me if you want some more information! I´m not the local tourist board of course, but I will certainly try to help you...
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    If you find yourself in Ostend, check out Flanagan's Irish Bar - mine host is John Eldridge, formerly Principal Cornet with Eastbourne Silver.

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    I'd go with the general opinion and go to Bruges and Ghent, I've been to both and would definitely recommend them. Bruges for chocolate and Ghent for bars!!! (I only went to Ghent for a day with parents a long time ago before I was at a 'suitable' age to drink, but my older brother went there on a band trip and lets just say I got the idea there were some good bars there!)
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    Mussels, Chips and cracking beer what more do you need