Belgian National Brass Band Championships 2014

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    The championships took place in Heist-op-den-Berg for the first time.
    The set piece for the championship section was Ellectra by Martin Ellerby
    The adjudicators were John Doyle, Philip Sparke and Tom Brevik.

    These were the results:
    1. Brass Band Willebroek/Frans Violet - 95/100 (draw 4/7) (own choice: Journey of the Lone Wolf by Simin Dobson)
    2. Brass Band Buizingen/Luc Vertommen - 93.5/100 (draw 1/5) (own choice: Revelation by Philip Wilby)
    3. Noord-Limburgse Brass Band/Ivan Meylemans - 93/100 (draw 8/6)(own choice: REM-scapes by Thomas Doss)
    4. Festival Brass Band/Benny Wiame - 90/10 (draw 7/4) (own choice: The Divine Right by Phlip Harper)
    5. Brass Band Heist/Bert Van Thienen - 89.5/100 (draw 6/1) (own choice: Concerto Grosso by Derek Borgeois)
    6. Brass Band Zele/Bart Van Der Strieckt - 89/100 (draw 7/4) (own choice: Music of the Spheres by Philip Sparke)
    7. Brass Band Leieland/Wouter Loose - 87.5/100 (draw 3/8) (own choice: English Heritage by George Lloyd)
    8. Kortrijk Brass Band/Ward De Ketelaere draw - 86.5/100 (draw 5/3) (own choice: Concertino for Brass Band by Kenneth Downie)

    All in all a very enjoyable day, and most people seemed to agree with the result.
    Even I had predicted all bands in the right order :)

    The lower sections played on Saturday.
    In 3rd section, the only competitior, Brass Band Smeermaas achieved 90.5/100 and are promoted to the second section
    In 2nd section, Braz'Art, conducted by Geert Verschaeve, beat Brass Band Euterpe.
    In 1st section, there were 4 competitors. The first place was taken by Brass Band Scaldis and their conductor Raf Van Looveren.

    For the full results, see the PDF files linked on
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